11 Best Dog Bakeries in Texas

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If you wish to find the best dog bakeries in Texas to buy the yummiest and most delicious snacks, birthday cakes, cookies, or treats for your dog, this is the right post for you!

In the section below, you will find a selection of the top dog bakeries Texas has to offer.

Dog bakeries are not listed in any particular order. Check out other excellent dog bakeries in other states here.

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1. Three Dog Bakery Texas

It all began with a wonderful rescue dog named Gracie, who was the nicest little creature with a sensitive stomach.

The owners of Three Dog Bakery decided to learn to bake when the regular dog food made her unwell.

They observed how beautiful doggie devotion can be from the very first batch of healthful, handcrafted treats.

The pleasure and unbreakable tie that sustains both humans and animals. When all of that became too much for one little kitchen to handle, they launched the world’s first dog bakery, since 1989.

The highly-skilled pastry chef team creates each dish from scratch in tiny batches, using only simple, real ingredients and careful baking to seal in all those wonderful flavors and canine-loving nutrients.

Customers consider their snacks and food to be healthful and drool-worthy.

2. Tail Waggins Dog Bakery

Tail Waggins has grown into more than simply a bakery; they have evolved into a delightful place for your dogs to shop and the staff will gladly spend attention and love on your dogs.

Tail Waggins is happy to provide treats that are healthful, natural, and devoid of preservatives.

Each recipe has been created without the use of salt, refined sugar, white flour, corn, or corn products.

Each batch is handcrafted to shape each cookie separately, giving each treat its own distinct personality.

The goodies are made with only the highest quality ingredients and with a lot of love.

At Tail Waggins, you’ll find a wide range of specialty cookies.

They also offer Premium Foods, Raw Foods, Gifts, Cat Foods and Supplies, Full Service Grooming, and a Luxury Dog Wash Spa in addition to their fully operational onsite bakery.

Washing your dog is a breeze with their raised Marble lined tubs. Bring them in filthy and they clean up after them. Excellent team here.

3. R&B Dog Bakery

R&B Dog Bakery LLC is run by its owner Aisha and her dogs Reese, Dorito, and Nacho, who take their job extremely seriously, currently serving as professional taste testers.

In January 2018, R&B Dog Bakery opened its doors for the first time.

They began as a small, home-based business that has been baking a variety of delights for the past 14 years, and felt it was time to share their flavors and passion with the rest of the world.

The bakery was born out of Aisha’s love for Benjamins and her concern for his well-being.

The goal of the bakery is to ensure that all dog owners’ pets have access to healthy, delectable snacks that are free of the ingredients found in most treats.

Aisha makes sure to read the labels on her food as a consumer, allowing her to make informed decisions.

This information enables people to ensure that their pets are eating properly, resulting in a higher quality of life for them.

Thus their products are not only safe but also fit for human consumption.

Gluten-free items, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables, are used.

The goodies are ideal for training, special events, and everyday enjoyment.

4. Bark Avenue Market & Bakery

Tammy Doak founded Bark Avenue Market and Bakery as a consequence of her love of animals and holistic wellness.

Brooke and Bomber, her two cats, were the inspiration for it.

Brooke and Bomber were unfortunately two of the casualties of the 2007 pet food recall, in which it was later determined that many commercial pet diets were tainted with melamine, a poison that killed thousands of domestic pets.

They have been remembered and continue to be Tammy’s motivation for helping to spread the word about the essential role that well-sourced, whole foods based nutrition plays in our dogs’ health and well-being.

They specialize in nutritional, herbal, homeopathic, and flower essences as well as other natural and complementary medicines and therapies for many common disorders such as itchy dogs and cats, separation anxiety, and age-related aches and pains.

Not only that, they carry premium quality foods, specialize in raw foods, bones, and snacks, because they believe that nutrition is the cornerstone of good health.

Bark Avenue also has a lovely and unique collection of collars and leashes, beds, and toys produced locally.

5. La Barkeria Dog Treat Company

La Barkeria’s goal is to provide high-quality products at a reasonable price.

This goal is at the center of all they do. The owners started because of their pets, but they want to help every dog who needs it.

Artemis had stomach troubles when she came to them from the shelter; Libbey has a seizure disorder, and Kai has PTSD from his time as a stray puppy.

Each dog is deserving of their best efforts and La Barkeria dogs may relax knowing that their products are made by hand with only the highest-quality human-grade ingredients, including lab-tested CBD sourced from organically cultivated hemp.

The company operates a small-batch online bakery that assures that each product is handcrafted.

They try to keep things simple, therefore only using a few ingredients in their goodies.

Each ingredient is naturally farmed and locally sourced (when available).

There’s a reward for every dog, whether it’s a soft treat or a crunchy biscuit.

Even the pickiest canines will agree that there’s nothing like a nutritious and delicious snack from La Barkeria, which has been tried and tested by hundreds of dogs.

6. Woofgang Bakery and Grooming

Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming has more than 130 sites nationwide, including one in Sugar Land, Texas.

They have a large selection of canine products, such as baked pastries, dog food, pet supplies, and more.

The good news for consumers is that they deliver same-day in the surrounding locations and have a delectable range of delicacies to choose from.

Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming’s personalized birthday cakes and cupcakes are unbeatable.

You can choose from cupcakes, jumbo cupcakes, and cakes in a variety of shapes and sizes to celebrate your dog’s birthday with an adorable treat.

To learn more, contact Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming.

7. Best Friends Dog Bakery

Emylee Boone, the Owner and Head Baker, founded Best Friends Dog Bakery with the goal of making a delightful, allergy-free dog treat.

Her Bull Mastiff Jack Jack developed a terrible allergy to every treat she gave him in 2008.

His skin would turn red, he’d gnaw on his paws, and he’d scratch at his eyes.

Emylee began studying, speaking with vets, and experimenting with recipes in order to develop a delightful dog treat that would not cause these problems for her closest buddy.

Finally, Emylee’s recipes allowed Jack Jack and other dogs to enjoy fresh, delicious baked dog cookie treats without the risk of allergic reactions.

She chose to open Best Friends Dog Bakery after receiving encouragement from friends and family.

Besides their online shop, you can also find them at selected farmers’ markets in Dallas, Texas. Locations here.

8. Homegrown Hounds Dog Deli

Homegrown Hounds Dog Deli and Bakery is a dog bakery in Irving, Texas that began as a fundraising attempt to support a Dallas-Fort Worth-based foster-based dog rescue group.

Melanie Fox devised all of their delectable recipes, and she uses her own dogs as taste testers to ensure that all foods and treats are approved before being put to the store.

There isn’t a better nutritional option for dog food and treats than what Homegrown Hounds has to offer.

Grain-free and vegan choices are available, and they cater to pets with sensitive stomachs or special nutritional requirements.

Their dishes and delicacies are cooked carefully to preserve nutrients, and their lovely cupcakes and birthday cakes make the perfect gift.

9. Yale Street Dog House

Yale Street Dog House & Bakery was founded on the simple principle of providing the best possible support and care for our tiny four-legged friends.

They’ve been happily helping our pet owners all throughout Houston since 2017.

As they continue to serve a growing customer base, they are also developing their service offerings to meet your needs, driven by a passion for animals and a strong understanding of quality pet care.

When you and your canine companion visit Yale Street Dog House & Bakery, you join their family.

All of its baked goods and cakes are produced with all-natural, human-grade ingredients that are also organic and good for your dog.

Some of the ingredients, such as berries, squash, pumpkin, and even honey, are grown right here in their own backyard.

For items such as eggs, goat milk, and other spices not yet obtained from their collection, the company uses small farms in the area.

10. Barkin’ Creek Dog Kitchen

Barkin’ Creek Dog Kitchen (“Barkin’ Creek”) is a family-owned and operated business that began with the love of two rescue dogs named Bea and Jax in the fall of 2015.

Bea and Jax both had dietary and health difficulties when they were adopted, necessitating the use of specialist diets.

The owners wandered into a universe of information, and deception, on dog nutrition, particularly as it relates to dry dog food, on their path to discovering a healthy canine diet.

During their research, they learned that the majority of dog food is mass-produced by a limited number of multinational firms more concerned with their bottom lines than with the health of dogs.

To extend the shelf life of their dog foods, these corporates purposefully add huge amounts of sugar, salt, and animal by-products, as well as chemicals and poisons used in preservatives.

Given the inadequate regulations on the commercial dog food sector, the owners were both disturbed and surprised to hear that this is authorized.

As a result, dog owners are confronted with a market filled with low-nutrition, low-quality dog meals that provide false comfort through deceptive advertising.

Their objective is to promote dog health and happiness through their dog meals, treats, and services so that our dogs can live longer lives.

11. PAWsitively Sweet Bakery

PAWsitively Sweet Bakery’s specialty is creating fantastic items for dogs!

They all know that how healthy our pets are is a direct result of what they eat.

This dog bakery started with a simple idea: to provide the best dog treats possible for our FURiends to enjoy while staying healthy.

Nutrient-dense dog biscuits, chews, and pastries are among their offerings. They make delicious and doggie-approved birthday cakes, cupcakes, and cookies.

Everything they manufacture is 100 percent natural and handcrafted in small amounts using only the finest, freshest ingredients.

There are no hidden ingredients in these products, and they are free of preservatives, chemicals, and fillers.

To optimize nutritional value, they make use of local foods such as fresh meats, fruits, veggies, and herbs.

Alexis Quiroga, the founder, believes in animal rescue operations and donates to charities year-round, as she has done since the company’s inception.

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