11 Best Dog Bakeries in Ohio

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There are lots of dog lovers here, which means you need to know where to find the best treats, snacks, cookies, birthday cakes, and more for your dog! In this post, you will discover the best dog bakeries in Ohio, bar none!

Dog bakeries are not listed in any particular order. Check out other excellent dog bakeries in other states here.

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Dear Dog Owner

1. Grateful Dog Bakery

Grateful Dog Bakery exists to provide the greatest quality and safest food, treat, and supplement options possible.

In addition, they aim to provide a wide range of goods to fulfill the demands of their customers and pets.

It’s really great that they live up to their goals, which is to make their clients’ visits delightful, educational, and fun, as well as to provide the greatest customer service available.

You will find on-site creation of all-natural, fresh home-made delights when you visit. They also provide a variety of holistic, nutritious foods, vitamins, and other American-made delicacies.

On top of that, you’ll find a wide range of pet supplies as well as unique items for your canine and feline companions.

Weekly events and services for you and your dogs are also available!

2. Nom Nom Nom for Dogs

Nom Nom Nom is Central Ohio’s only All-Natural Dog Bakery and they are great at doing anything they can do to assist you in spoiling your dog.

You will find a one-stop shop for all your pup’s needs, with locations now expanded to both Canal Winchester and Hilliard, Ohio.

When it comes to accolades, they have been named one of Cbus’ best recommendations for four years in a row, and they truly have something for every dog!

All-natural, fresh-baked birthday cakes, puppy cakes, cookies, treats, and gourmet bakery items are their specialty. You will hardly find a more impressive ingredient list or a more welcoming personnel to assist you in spoiling your canine companion here!

Bonus: Every Saturday, go visit them for Doggy Donut Saturday where there will be a new flavor featured each week!

3. MaiRo & Co Dog Treat Bakery

All of the goodies here are made with only the greatest quality, locally sourced ingredients, including organic flours and their own hens’ eggs, as they started creating treats for their dogs years ago.

Even the honey is made locally in Cincinnati.

Baking only a pound of treats at a time assures that their sweets are the greatest and deserve to be given to your best friend!

What truly stands out are their cakes, pup cakes, donuts, waffle stix, and puppy lollys are all available for a Super Puppy Party!

4. Morty’s Munchies

Nicole, the owner, knew it was time to produce something better for her best friend, Morty, when she realized she had been giving him snacks with substances she couldn’t pronounce. Thus, Morty’s Munchies was born.

They take pride in providing you with goodies that are produced with a lot of love and include no harmful ingredients.

Morty’s Munchies delights are all handcrafted with the freshest, human-grade ingredients available.

As the business grew, they opened a storefront in the Merriman Valley of Akron, Ohio.

Very shoon, they outgrew that location thanks to its fantastic clients, and they are now located in downtown Cuyahoga Falls, OH.

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5. Brewhaus Dog Bones

Brewhaus Dog Bones are oven-baked dog treats produced from whole grains sourced from local Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky microbreweries.

Microbreweries support the mission by donating spent brewing grains and selling products in taprooms and brewing supply stores.

The program is run by school districts in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area, and it uses a start-to-finish non-profit business model to help individuals with disabilities (usually ages 18-22) develop vital work and life skills.

Students are involved in all steps of the program, from planning/forecasting demand through creating, baking, labeling, and weighing bags, processing orders, attending community sales, calculating costs, counting money (both cash and credit) from sales, and finally making bank deposits.

Each level provides an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in arithmetic, entrepreneurship, marketing, communication, and collaboration with the help of teachers and vocational trainers.

Brewhaus has also teamed up with Graeter’s Ice Cream to offer paid employment opportunities!

Totally worth supporting!

6. The CakeHound

Cakehound is a pet bakery and boutique that focuses on the dogs in their owners’ lives.

In their bakery cases, you’ll find freshly baked, made-in-house, and all-natural delights.

You will also discover a selection of raw/dehydrated delights on its shelves, all sourced and created right here in Ohio.

Collars, leashes, bow ties, collar flowers, bandanas, and even some human accessories are available for purchase.

When you shop with them, you are assisting at least 7 small female-owned businesses!

The team at Cakehound strongly believes in providing the greatest quality treats to your dogs, which is why, even down to the coloring, they use only natural components in all of their meticulously crafted formulas (carob, peanut, beet, spinach, turmeric, and spirulina powders).

Every treat is made from the ground up.

Each cake and cupcake is mixed, scooped, baked, and decorated by hand, while each cookie is rolled out, baked, and adorned by hand.

This means that each bite is made with a lot of love, and The Cake Hound is confident that you and your dog can tell the difference. They are a unique species of dog bakery in that each treat is very soft, allowing even the toothless to enjoy them!

7. Good Boy Bakery

Good Boy Bakery was born out of a desire to provide the finest and most nutritious food and treats for their dogs.

For their boys, they cooked handmade meals and, later, homemade sweets.

The group decided to set up shop at the local Farmer’s Markets to sell their dog treats as Cathy’s treat inventory grew.

However, before that could happen, they discovered an open business space in Historic Roscoe Village in Coshocton, Ohio.

They swiftly made the choice to enter the world of retail and create their own doggie store, now known as Good Boy Bakery, because shops in the village don’t become available very often.

While they focus on baking dog treats, they have also grown into much more in their first year.

Toys, collars, harnesses, greeting cards, presents, clothing, nutritional chew and K9 wellness goods, as well as tasty and wholesome snacks, are all available in their Roscoe Village location.

8. Hollywood Feed

Located in Dublin, Ohio, Hollywood Feed is a natural and holistic pet specialty retail store.

They have the highest-quality dog and cat foods, as well as treats, toys, and beds made in the United States.

Each year, their Feed Team sales employees complete over 40 hours of training from veterinarians, nutritionists, vendors, and behaviorists in order to provide the finest customer experience possible.

Hollywood Feed is dedicated to assisting pet owners in making informed purchasing selections for their four-legged family members.

Be sure to drop by and explore why Hollywood Feed is a new breed of pet supplies business for you and your beloved family members.

9. Three Dog Bakery

Three Dog Bakery is one of Cleveland’s most popular venues for freshly baked dog treats.

They make tasty pastries, snacks, chews, and dog food with all-natural ingredients.

Their famous cremes — biscuits in both carob and peanut butter flavors – and their cookie dough wafers – a sumptuous treat for good dogs – are two of the delights on offer.

Three Dog Bakery features a large assortment of seasonal sweets, including pumpkin cookies in the fall and winter, Christmas cookies for the holidays, and more.

If your dog has a big event coming up, treat them to one of Three Dog Bakery’s bone or round cakes!

10. Woof Gang Bakery – Shaker Heights

Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming has over 150 sites in the United States, including one in Shaker Heights, Ohio.

They are mostly a bakery known for their excellent cookies and other delights, though they also offer dog grooming.

Birthday cookies, doughnuts, and pretzels are just a few of the delicacies available at Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming for you and your dog.

You may give your dog a wash as well as a delectable treat, with complete grooming and self-service options available.

11. Bone-A-Fido Bakery (Springfield)

Bone-A-Fido Bakery, based in Springfield, Ohio, originally opened its doors in 2001 out of their lifelong love for animals.

Their gourmet ingredients are used to make all-natural, healthy pet treats on-site.

You won’t find a more lovingly made food for your dog than this oven-baked and hand-dipped treat!

Bone-A-Fido also offers full-service dog grooming in addition to its food. Give your dog a wash and then a delectable homemade treat (or two)!

Other dog bakeries in Ohio worth mentioning

It was impossible to cover all the places here in Ohio, but comments from our friends and reviews found online tell us that the following dog bakeries in Ohio are worth a visit too:

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