9 Best Dog Bakeries in New York

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Finding the best dog bakeries in New York does not need to be a tall task. In this post, we list down all the best places where you can find yummy dog cakes, cookies, and many other treats!

Dog bakeries are not listed in any particular order. Check out other excellent dog bakeries in other states here.

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where to find dog bakery in new york

1. Zoomies NYC

Zoomies welcomes you to share in the joy of the ultimate pet and owner shopping experience. Susan Bartholomew and Angelique M. Rufty-Graux founded this lifestyle shop in the West Village of New York City.

Susan’s vast history in fashion and retail, as well as Angelique’s skills in French cuisine and restaurant ownership in Paris, along with their love of animals and people, made Zoomies the ideal place to open.

Susan’s previous role as Vice President of Retail for Christian Dior Couture provided her with invaluable experience in planning and strategically constructing a successful business, which she now applies to her own boutique.

Zoomies’ excellent level of customer service, as well as their urban, fashionable, and elegant line of dog beds, apparel, and accessories, as well as seasonal collections from other unique resources such as toys, treats, and presents for pets and people, provide unrivaled flair.

The exposed brick walls, chandeliers, invigorating music, and relaxing fragrances of candles from throughout the world, as well as the unique assortment of products all merchandised on French antiques, contribute to the seductive and tranquil ambience established by the 1st Biscuit Bar for Pets in New York.

2. Canine Styles

Canine Styles, which has been servicing dogs and their owners since 1959, is New York’s oldest and finest dog emporium, offering world-class grooming and an exclusive line of products manufactured for and by Canine Styles to provide you the benefit of over fifty years of experience.

All of their hallmark pieces have been created with meticulous attention to detail, a keen eye for fit and functionality, and a flare for conventional, classic, yet contemporary design.

Canine Styles, which now has three locations in the fashion capital of the world, develops two new collections every year and has been featured in Vogue, 0 Magazine, In Style, The New York Times Style Section, and on the Today Show.

3. Beasty Feast

Beasty Feast is an NYC-based, independently owned pet food business with a broad selection of healthy pet foods and modern supplies.

They also offer dog grooming, training, and home delivery.

In the West village of Manhattan, Beasty Feast was founded in 1977.

Their family has since opened multiple stores in New York City.

In 2017, its flagship facility at 327 West 14th Street, right in the center of the Meat-Packing District.

We love that they stock everything a pet parent may possibly require to ensure their pet’s long, healthy, and happy life.

4. Dog & Co

Dog & Co. is a speciality pet store with a carefully curated assortment of high-quality pet items.

They focus on independent designers and contemporary collections meticulously made to merge effortlessly with your own style, with both brick-and-mortar and online shops.

Dog & Co. also creates and manufactures its own line of contemporary pet items, like as carriers, collars, leads, accessories, clothes, treats, and more.

The brand is developed with a cool-yet-classic modern style in mind, with each piece crafted with both form and function in mind, partnering with ethical manufacturers in the US and beyond.

Not only that, Dog & Co. is a strong champion for pet adoption and is committed to cooperating with animal rescue and welfare organizations through awareness campaigns, adoption events, and fundraising initiatives.

5. Padoca Paws NY

Padoca Paws is a small business dedicated to hand-crafting all-natural, healthy food for your pets.

The company is a grassroots initiative born out of need as a result of the Covd19 pandemic’s devastation of our industry.

Luciana and Matt have both dreamed of owning and operating their own business, as well as giving back to the community whenever they can, while remaining true to their creative ambitions.

Despite the fact that Covid19 may have had a detrimental impact on their employment as a long-time chef in the hotel business and as a financial advisor in the restaurant industry, they have decided to reinvent themselves.

Padoca Paws arose from this decision and these tough times.

Their mission is to deliver delicious, healthy dog treats to your door with the least amount of carbon footprint possible, while also donating a portion of their profits to a local animal shelter in need.

Update 27 Dec 2022: Padoca Paws seems to be out of business now as their website is no longer available.

6. Wooftown

Wooftown is more than a pet store; it’s a way of life.

They are the ideal seller of premium pet meals, pet supplies, and useful information, with a focus on nutritional education and awareness.

Wooftown’s urban store has everything you need to make sure your dog has the best quality of life possible.

Furthermore, Wooftown’s web presence offers a wealth of ethical dog training information and recommendations produced by industry experts.

Their philosophy is based on your dog’s pleasure, assured value, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your dog’s needs are prioritized.

You will find lots of healthy food options, pet needs, and accessories in the newly remodeled pet friendly retail area.

7. Axel & Tia’s Pet Bakery

Axel & Tia’s Pet Bakery is a small dog bakery dedicated to producing high-quality, environmentally friendly items for your dog.

They work with local farmers to acquire the freshest ingredients possible, and all of their packaged delicacies are packaged in environmentally friendly packaging.

Their home-based business began in 2020 and has been steadily increasing since then.

Axel & Tia’s Pet Bakery snacks are created using human-grade ingredients and are devoid of preservatives and additives.

Some of their most popular delights include chicken, peanut butter & banana, apple, and other types of dog biscuits, as well as peanut butter-filled cupcakes.

8. District Dog

District Dog began in 2007 with the goal of creating healthy, nutritious dog food and treats free of the chemicals and preservatives often found in store-bought dog food.

They don’t use any artificial flavorings or colorings, and their entire store is corn, wheat, and soy-free.

Orders in Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan are delivered the same day.

Their bakery has a fantastic range of artistically adorned baked dog treats.

You can’t go wrong with the stunning selections at District Dog, whether it’s an ice cream cone, a flamingo, or a birthday bone.

They have a large selection of birthday cakes, cupcakes, and cake cookies, so be sure to check them out the next time you are having a dog party!

9. Pupster Bakery

Pupster Bakery began with merely a stand mixer, an oven, and a desire to create some of the healthiest goodies in Hell’s Kitchen, New York.

They wanted to provide a better alternative to what was currently available and strongly believed their dogs deserved the best.

When the owners couldn’t find nutritious treats made with basic ingredients, they created our own! The focus was on fresh, uncomplicated, and all-natural ingredients.

John, the owner of Pupster Bakery, had his own dog walking and sitting business in 2014.

He was having a hard time coming up with sweets to share with his clients while also not feeling terrible about it.

Because he had few options, he decided to explore in his kitchen.

He gets to use his imagination by creating new goodies while offering a product he can stand behind, starting with one treat and expanding to the many delicacies they now have.

Other dog bakeries worth mentioning

It was impossible to cover all the places here in New York, but comments from our friends and reviews found online tell us that the following dog bakeries in New York are worth a visit too:

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