12 Best Dog Bakeries in Illinois

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If you have been trying to find the best dog treats, cookies, and cakes for your beloved doggy, look no further! In this post, we will show you where to find the best dog bakeries in Illinois so that you will not be short on supply!

Dog bakeries are not listed in any particular order. Check out other excellent dog bakeries in other states here.

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1. Happy Dog Barkery

Owners Cheryl and Beth Staley are sisters who realized their dream of running a business and working with their pets.

In April 2004, they resigned from their corporate jobs to launch Happy Dog Barkery.

Beth has been baking since she was a youngster, so it was only natural for her to begin baking for her dogs when she discovered her own lab had allergies.

Cheryl and Beth take great satisfaction in creating the best delicacies available. All of the dogs who come to visit get a taste of liver cake, and even the picky ones clamor for more.

Beth is involved in dog rescue, and a foster dog can often be found behind the counter.

2. Reeses Barkery and Pawtique

Their first retail endeavor, Reeses Barkery & Pawtique, opened in 2006.

After getting their chocolate lab and researching pet meals, they decided to open a pet barkery and pawtique.

The owners also wanted to give their lab, Reeses, the greatest diet possible.

They are a small, family-owned and operated animal service and supply business that specializes in pet food and accessories who genuinely cares about animals and just wants the best for your pets.

Daisy May is their little devil, and Reeses is their talker, and they get along swimmingly.

It is at Reese’s Barkery where they provide them with delicious food and treats.

Ebby Lu, a black lab, is the newest addition to the household. Daisy May and her get along very well.

Ebby enjoys visiting the business and welcoming all of the customers.

Visit Reeses to find the best raw food, kibbles, birthday cakes, and more for your doggy!

3. My Dog’s Bakery

My Dog’s Bakery, Daycare, Grooming, and Pet Market is your one-stop shop for all things dog and cat.

They’re known for their freshly baked goodies made with all-natural ingredients and cooked in their own kitchen.

You don’t want to miss out on the delightful aromas that fill the market on baking day.

The retail store is bigger than ever, which allows them to bring you the most current products for your dog and cat.

Natural chews, long-lasting chews, and Grain-Free treats with a variety of protein sources are the order of the day.

Stimulating toys and activities and the most comfortable, stylish beds for your pet are found here too.

Here, you will find dog and cat feeds that are high-quality, grain-free, and come in a variety of flavors to ensure that your pet never gets bored while eating.

Besides, they have a wide range of products, from dry to raw, to suit any budget.

Is your dog on a particular diet, or does he have digestive or skin issues?

Speak with one of their trained staff members about the foods and supplements they have available.

And are you looking for that one-of-a-kind present or unique toy? The retail store specializes in one-of-a-kind, high-quality toys, and accessories.

If you don’t have time to exercise your dog, consider enrolling him in their K9Care – Doggie Daycare which allows them to keep your pets entertained during the day while you are at work or out shopping.

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4. The Urban Mutt

The team behind The Urban Mutt adores their canines.

That is the driving force behind their businesses, and the reason they only stock high-quality items that they would give to their children.

They searched high and low for the best range of pet products they could find, from grain-free feeds to specialist treats for dogs with allergies.

Now, you may assume that this means that everything in the store is exorbitantly priced, right? This is not the case.

They have a lot of things that are comparable to or less expensive than what the big guys charge.

It’s a simple equation: Happy Pets + Happy Owners = Quality Products + Quality Pricing.

That mentality has driven them to constantly investigate new goods, meals, and trends, as well as provide the finest possible customer service.

5. The Trinity Barkery

Trinity Services, Inc. is a non-profit dedicated to assisting persons with developmental disabilities and mental illness to thrive and live full and abundant lives.

The Trinity Barkery, calling Wilmington home, is a Trinity Services support business that provides people with intellectual and developmental impairments with a creative and exciting work environment, and here, you will find Fritters for Critters pet snacks that are made entirely of natural ingredients.

Fritters for Critters are manufactured at Trinity Barkery and are Barkery fresh and entirely natural.

Because the fritters are created with human-grade ingredients, happy pets and their owners adore them.

There are no preservatives, chemical additions, or by-products in this gastronomic delight.

You can totally say that The Trinity Barkery makes their pet treats with care.

In a collaborative and creative learning environment, mixing, shaping, cutting, baking, decorating, and packing are all completed.

Every penny from Trinity Barkery sales goes to support their mission.

Your sponsorship helps persons with disabilities live full and abundant lives by providing not only financial assistance but also career opportunities.

6. Joy’s Best Friends Best Bites

The owners decided to create their own store after ten years of running a pet-sitting business.

Best Bites is the output of Joy’s Best Friends, Ltd.

They are a small, family-owned business based in Orland Park, Illinois, dedicated to helping pet owners keep their pets healthy by providing high-quality dog and cat food and products.

You can trust them to keep your feline or canine buddy happy and healthy, whether you buy a bag of food, something from their in-store pet bakery, or a treat.

The excellent customer service team is always delighted to share their expertise on any of its products.

Beyond treats, Joy’s Best Friends also provides a self-serve dog wash facility for our canine guests.

Shampoo and a blow dryer are provided by them. All you need to do is show up with your doggy best friend!

7. The Canine Crunchery

The Canine Crunchery is a dog treat bakery located in Rockford, Illinois.

To pamper your dog, they supply an assortment of fresh and healthy goodies.

The bakery specializes in delicious treats for a range of dietary needs, including grain-free biscuits for those puppies who need a little extra attention.

Sammie, their crazed Papi-chon, and Millie, their Chihuahua-Jack, are always pushing them to new limits by taste-testing everything they make.

The team doesn’t rest on its laurels, constantly developing new types of cookies for their small canine pals, as well as our delicious biscuits that their larger breeds adore.

8. Twin Tails Market & Barkery

Twin Tails Market & Barkery was founded for one purpose: to provide you with the healthiest foods, treats, and lifestyle products you can find for your furry companions.

As a natural pet supply store, they specialize in high-quality, limited-ingredient foods for dogs and cats.

The shop offers a large range of products suited to your pet’s needs, including locally sourced items, organic items, and small-label items that are in line with their mission.

You can find their Bakery filled with delicious baked goods for your loved one’s special occasion or just an afternoon treat!

There are plenty of delicious items waiting to be devoured, from birthday cakes to pastries to cookies.

Every season, they will rotate its seasonal items, so no matter what the occasion is, you can be guaranteed to find something to get your dog’s tails wagging.

9. Two Bostons

Your pets are members of your family, and you understand that they require certain items to be content, but the variety of options might be daunting. This might lead to self-doubt and the question, “Am I a decent pet owner?”

At Two Bostons, they understand because their pets are also members of their family.

They have helped over 100,000 families understand and select the goods that are suitable for them over the last 15 years.

Visit their stores or call them for personalized advice on things that are best for your family.

We especially like that since the beginning, the team at Two Bostons has been obsessed with customer experience in their stores. It makes Two Bostons such a wonderful place for you and your pets, with its fantastic product selection, a fun ambience, and friendly service.

They can be found in Downtown Naperville, Naperville Springbrook, Burr Ridge Village Center, Wheaton – Danada Square West, Geneva, and Glen Ellyn.

10. Healthy Pet Aurora

The team behind Healthy Pet Aurora has been serving the suburbs with their knowledge, experience, and passion for animals since 1998.

Their primary concern is for you, their clients, and your four-legged family members.

With years of experience, they not just have knowledge with various foods and snacks, but also with all of the accessories necessary to give a luxurious lifestyle.

You can talk to them about why protein is vital in your pet’s diet, how to treat recurrent urinary tract infections, what shampoo and conditioner to use on your pet’s coat, who produces the most fashionable collars, and many more dog care questions.

11. For Dog’s Sake

The team here in Chicago has the unique ability to assist consumers in sorting through a mound of misinformation about pet health and nutrition, and this has gained them huge respect in the community.

They are devoted to providing intelligent options for happier, healthier pets in the future.

It is their belief that a business is only as good as the people who run it.

Products must be healthy and safe for your pets, as well as the environment and the community in which they are produced, and they must be researched and field-tested.

Not only that, but they also instill confidence in their customers by providing reliable and responsible options, opting for products that are natural and avoiding drugs and chemicals as much as possible.

12. Paw Naturals

Founded in 2007, Paw Naturals was the brainchild of Jami Ippolito. The company got its start as an online business but has now become a mainstay in the community it serves in Chicago.

Jami was inspired by the 2007 pet food recall, in which many pets died as a result of melamine contamination in major brand pet foods manufactured in China.

After learning about the various difficulties caused by substandard ingredients in pet food, she decided to make it her mission to educate people and offer a selection of goods created in the United States with only real food ingredients.

Paw Naturals was born as a result.

As additional things became available, her enthusiasm for what she was doing grew, and she was inspired to create a retail business.

Jami noticed that any customers she prescribed a raw diet to were thriving and, in many cases, correcting whatever disease they came in with as the store grew.

As a result, she sought out several of the emerging/cutting-edge raw pet food manufacturers and currently has Chicago’s largest raw pet food collection.

The retail store’s objective was to be a place where pet owners could not only buy nutritious pet foods, but also a place where employees could educate and engage directly with clients.

Other dog bakeries in Illinois worth mentioning

It was impossible to cover all the places here in Illinois, but comments from our friends and reviews found online tell us that the following dog bakeries in Illinois are worth a visit too:

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