12 Best Dog Bakeries in Pennsylvania

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There are lots of places to find doggie snacks, treats, cakes, and such, but where can you find the best dog bakeries in Pennsylvania? In this post, we will be sharing with you our findings so that you can get your hands on the best treats here!

Dog bakeries are not listed in any particular order. Check out other excellent dog bakeries in other states here.

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1. Pet Friendly Dog Bakery

This bakery opened its company in 2018 with one goal in mind: to bring dogs and their parents closer together through delectable treats.

The great news is: They have accomplished all of this and more since then!

They offer carefully curated toys, health supplies, apparel, and accessories to satisfy every pup’s needs, as well as freshly baked, human-grade treats and cakes.

Be sure to check out their online store or visit their Philadelphia site, where they also provide free indoor and outdoor play spaces, birthday parties, and other exciting, free activities.

2. Annie’s Pooch Pops

Annie’s Pooch Pops began over 20 years ago with the goal of providing a super-premium, gourmet treat to the pet market that was both healthful and aesthetically pleasing to both canine and owner.

The company began in the kitchen of the founder’s family.

As demand grew, Annie’s Pooch Pops rented a kitchen from a nearby restaurant for the night.

It wasn’t easy cooking from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., but the company finally moved into its first dedicated facility, a 4,000 square foot barn in northern New Jersey’s horse country.

Annie’s Pooch Pops moved on to open a 20,000-square-foot human-grade food plant in Bangor, Pennsylvania, in 2017.

Indeed, they live up to their vow to make the freshest, prettiest, tastiest, handcrafted treats on the market for you and your dog.

3. Le Petite Paw

The team at Le Petite Paw believes that you can never have too much affection for your dogs.

That’s why they will never pass judgment if you show them Fiona’s Instagram page or if they see you driving Sparky in his stroller.

They know what you’re going through because the owners are both pet lovers!

That’s also why they started a pet bakery to begin with.

They understand that pet owners require a secure environment in which to lavish their affection for their friends.

Pet delicacies created with all-natural ingredients and prepared right here in the Pocono Mountains can be found in their bakery case.

4. The Dining Dog & Friends

The Dining Dog and Friends is a full-service pet store with a complete kitchen and bakery that serves only the highest-quality pet food.

You will certainly find something for your animal family members in their pet bakery, from soups and stews to cakes and pastries.

Althea Seeds and Risa Krohn own and operate The Dining Dog and Friends.

Two dedicated and knowledgeable women, with one animal at a time, committed to saving the earth.

Althea is proud of her 30 years of animal rescue experience, which includes dogs/cats, squirrels, rabbits, bats, teddy bear hampsters, and more.

Althea had a strong desire to be immersed in all things animal when she was a little child.

Her vast knowledge of healthy pet parent choices, as well as her advice on all things holistic and herbal, is a breath of fresh air in the pet industry.

Risa has extensive managerial and purchasing expertise in the corporate world.

Her expertise in sourcing products for your pets is exactly what every pet parent desires: someone who understands what they will enjoy, is safe, stylish, and of the highest quality.

You can count on this duo to make the best treats for your best friend!

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5. Three Dog Bakery

Three Dog Bakery is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for dogs (and their two-legged parents).

The only thing to look out for are excessive wagging tails — dogs frequently engage in full-body wagging!

Visit their West Chester store to get a variety of delicacies available exclusively in our bakeries, since they’re freshly prepared on-site by professional pastry chefs using simple, healthy, and clean ingredients.

Check out their fun seasonal snacks, gourmet dog pastries, such as their famous Pupcakes®, and one-of-a-kind canine cakes that you can create for your pup’s special occasion.

You may make their birthday, adoption day, training graduation day, or any other day unique with Three Dog Bakery. After all, who says you need an excuse to indulge your dog?

6. Giggy Bites

A buddy once offered the owner of Giggy Bites home-baked dog treats for her Yorkie around 1992.

Easton thought the results were good, but she thought she could do better after tasting them.

She conducted some research on what’s good for dogs, experimented a little, and came up with some baked treats that both Easton and her enjoyed.

Stephanie’s Gourmet Dog Biscuits were a hit with her friends’ dogs, so she began giving them as gifts and selling them at flea markets and fairs.

Over the next few years, the company expanded, and the internet provided some wonderful chances at that time.

They learned how to create healthy, delicious treat recipes in their home kitchen and offered them online as nice rewards for good dogs.

Very soon, they found themselves selling goodies all across the country and devoting all of their spare time to creating and distributing dog treats.

Giggybites was the new name for the company (after their Chihuahua, Gigabyte).

7. Wilbur’s Barkery

Wilbur’s Barkery first opened its doors in the spring of 2012.

However, the Barkery was first conceived around Christmas 2010, the year Wilbur entered the owners’ life!

For Christmas that year, Wilbur’s friends received homemade dog treats.

They began manufacturing different sorts of healthy, homemade snacks for dogs after receiving a lot of favorable comments about the treats.

During preparation, they discovered that preparing these snacks for Wilbur helped him maintain a balanced diet by eliminating the additives included in store-bought treats.

After conducting extensive research on what is good and unhealthy for dogs, recipes and dog treats were developed.

As they discovered more about the health advantages of certain foods, Wilbur’s Barkery has continued to incorporate these items into their recipes so that your dog can benefit as well.

8. Amelie’s Bark Shop

Amelie’s Bark Shop in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has a delightful range of baked treats for lucky dogs.

While all of their treats are beautifully designed, their custom-made cakes are the star of the show and are ideal for commemorating your dog’s birthday or adoption day.

To make it genuinely personalized, choose between bacon or peanut butter and banana flavoring, followed by your decorative style and colors, and add optional writing or a photo of your dog!

Amelie’s Bark Shop also makes personalized cookies and has a fantastic range of seasonal dog goodies including holiday bones and biscuits.

A six-pack of doughnuts or a Christmas mystery box with some of your dog’s favorite foods would delight him.

Please keep in mind that custom cakes require at least 24 hours’ notice.

9. Oasis Dog Spa and Shoppe

Although primarily a spa where your dog may be fully pampered, Oasis Dog Spa & Shoppe also has a large bakery with delectable, freshly baked delicacies that are sure to please even the pickiest of dogs.

Their self-serve dessert bar, which is located in Reading, PA, features a variety of delectable tastes such as peanut butter, blueberries, chicken, pumpkin, and more.

Cupcakes, birthday bones, peanut butter drops, and more can be found at Oasis Dog Spa & Shoppe.

Many of their healthy snacks are wheat, corn, and soy-free, and gluten-free versions are also available.

10. Sasha’s Canine Bakery

Sasha’s Canine Bakery has a wide selection of treats for dogs of all sizes and shapes.

There’s always something fresh and lovely to uncover at their Pottsville, PA bakery, including year-round mainstays as well as seasonal goodies like their holiday gingerbread people or terrifying Halloween pumpkins.

Sasha’s Canine Bakery is happy to use only natural, healthful products to make dog treats that are not only delicious but also free of artificial flavors and additives. They specialize in low-fat treats, no salt, no sugar, and no preservatives!

11. Doggy Delights Bakery

Doggy Delights Bakery is a canine bakery and goodie shop in Lemoyne that caters exclusively to dogs.

Delightful dog treats, jerky, dog birthday cakes, and doggie ice cream are prepared with all-natural, human-grade ingredients that include no salt, sugar, or preservatives.

The West Shore Farmers Market is where the bakery is located, and they buy from their friends and neighbors, ensuring that the ingredients used are as fresh as possible!

The dog bakery has you covered whether you’re searching for gourmet dog snacks, long-lasting chews, squeaky toys, a dog birthday cake, or anything in between.

The cool thing is that their chews and toys are designed to withstand anything your dog can throw at them!

12. Canine Confections

Canine Confections in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, sells lovely cookies and other sweets made especially for local dogs.

Their delicacies change with the seasons, and don’t forget about their incredible advent calendars, which give your dog a delectable gift every day in December!

Canine Confections’ attractively decorated cupcakes, cooked fresh and safe for dogs, are another delight.

Celebrate your dog’s birthday or adoption day with a delectable, custom-made cake from Canine Confections.

Other dog bakeries worth mentioning

It was impossible to cover all the places here in Pennsylvania, but comments from our friends and reviews found online tell us that the following dog bakeries in Pennsylvania are worth a visit too:

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