11 Best Dog Bakeries in California

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Want to know where to find the best dog bakeries in California? Look no further as we show you the highest-rated dog bakeries for you to find delicious snacks, cookies, birthday cakes, donuts, and more for your dog right now!

Dog bakeries are not listed in any particular order. Check out other excellent dog bakeries in other states here.

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1. The Dog Bakery

The Dog Bakery was founded with the goal of baking the most delectable dog food treats for dogs all around the world.

They have mastered all-natural, fresh-baked goodies that look as wonderful as they taste after over a decade of baking — dog tested, puppy approved.

Its world-famous bakeries have ovens running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that puppies worldwide enjoy fresh, premium, and delicious baked goods.

Unsurprisingly, they are visited by people from all over the world, even celebrities, and, most importantly, our four-legged friends, and are located in the Los Angeles Farmers Market, Venice, Belmont Shore, and Old Town Pasadena.

2. Jackboy’s Dog Bakery

Jackboy’s Dog Bakery arose from a mixture of love and dread for Jackboy (the owner’s dog) and his canine companions.

There was a severe pet food disaster in early 2007 when numerous dogs and cats died after eating hazardous pet food from China that included tainted wheat gluten.

These pet owners had to say goodbye to their furry friends, while others spent hundreds of dollars on vet expenses in an attempt to save them.

A few weeks later, another pet food panic occurred when a major pet food brand recalled one of its product lines owing to the possibility of a poisoned component.

At that point, the owner Athena Yap began to investigate how wholesome the food we were receiving from these commercial producers was.

Some of the ingredients in the pet food she was feeding Jackboy could not even be pronounced! That’s when she decided to make her own snacks and treats using only natural products.

There are no additional preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors. We don’t even use beef or chicken bouillon from the store. They promise to keep it all natural!

3. Three Dog Bakery

Three Dog Bakery was formed with one aim in mind: to fresh-bake the world’s best dog treats from scratch and to provide pet parents with delicious, premium, natural dog food they can feel good about sharing with their furry family members.

They began with a passion for dogs, and that passion continues to fuel all that they do.

Today, you can find a wide range of products from Three Dog Bakery including fresh-baked treats, CBD for pets, Rawhide, and custom cakes.

Located in Avenida Del Mar, San Clemente.

4. Mugsy’s Pet Supply & Barkery

High-quality dog products at an affordable price. Dog owners often visit Haute Dogs to get special treats for their large breed dogs, and they have a nice selection of sturdy chews and fresh meaty snacks for them.

Your beloved doggo can always look forward to getting a fresh bully stick, bone, or hand-made biscuit from the biscuit bar!

They are often lauded for their great customer service and awesome products, and lots of customers have commented on how the staff really cares for their fur babies!

5. Paws and the Palette

The bakery and retail boutique Paws and the Palette in Midtown is full of bark and bites.

A glass case filled with rows of tasty treats for Fido is nestled among the impeccably curated collection of animal-themed accessories and gifts at this puppy-cute dog bakery and art gallery, items like chic totes, pet portraits, Sniffany & Co., and Barkingdales chew toys, and wall signs with sayings like “All my children have paws.”

Many of the baked goods are vegan, with no wheat, maize, soy, or sugar in them.

Lisa Spurney, who bakes these treats, is a vegan herself, and her 12-year-old basset hound, Ladybug, who rules the bakery, has a wheat allergy.

These doggie sweets are every bit as nutritious as they are tasty, from her little apple cupcakes to her bone-shaped birthday cake made of gluten-free flour, honey, cinnamon, and egg alternatives (order two days in advance).

6. Lucky Dogs Bakery

Lucky makes the world’s freshest, tastiest, and certified organic dog treats!

Biscuits that you can feel good about feeding to your dog.

You can even share them with your dog because they’re so tasty. (If he allows it)

Dog owners will be happy to take a look at some of the components in these treats: organic eggs, organic flax, sunflower, and chia seeds, to mention a few.

With four distinct tastes to select from, you’ll be sure to choose the one that will make you a hero in your dog’s eyes.

And, best of all, they’re gluten-free, corn-free, soy-free, and preservative-free!

And it’s no surprise that, after graduating from the prestigious San Francisco Baking Institute, the owner Ron decided to invent some dog treat formulations, bake some test batches, and finally market his products, thanks to the encouragement of a certain family member who shall remain anonymous.

Lucky makes all of the biscuits in small batches in the United States.

7. Paw Patch Pastries

Carla, the owner of Paw Patch Pastries, graduated from culinary school and began baking goodies for humans.

Carla discovered that baking for dogs was a more delightful pastime after a few years.

She founded Paw Patch Pastries to provide a healthier alternative to dogs’ treats, which are often rich in preservatives and unneeded ingredients.

Paw Patch Pastries is a bakery that specializes in dog pies.

Banana peanut, pumpkin, and cinnamon apple are some of their most popular tastes.

There are also other goodie boxes, cakes, and pumpkin broth to choose from. For additional information or to place an order, do check out their website!

8. Mishka Dog Boutique

Mishka Dog Boutique in San Francisco makes all of its treats by hand using only natural, fresh ingredients.

Artificial flavors, preservatives, and fillers are not used in any of the cakes, cookies, or other goodies.

They’re baked fresh, never frozen, and they’re free of antibiotics and GMOs.

Mishka Dog Boutique’s cakes and snacks almost appear to be jelly-glazed, but they’re actually composed of beef pate glazed with vegetable juice extract and agar derived naturally from algae.

Choose from a wide range of glaze tastes (and colors) to find something that your dog will enjoy. For further information, contact Mishka Dog Boutique today!

9. Le Marcel Dog Bakery

Established in 1998, Le Marcel has an interesting history.

For their two guys, Leo the Long-Haired Dachshund and Marcel the Italian Greyhound, the owners started creating healthy, hand-made cookies.

Marcel was unwell as a child and, aside from his obstinacy, had a poor appetite and nutritional deficiencies.

To boost his vitality and health, they began experimenting with simple products in their cupboards (honey, peanut butter, oats, bananas, etc.).

Their bar-raisers, as it were, were Leo, with his steel jaws and never-ending stomach, and Marcel, with his finicky attitude and cautious curiosity.

Each one pushed them (and continues to push them) to produce something even more delectable and nutritious.

Le Marcel specializes in all-natural, hypoallergenic snacks for dogs that are produced from scratch.

Each item is produced entirely by hand, with the exception of our well-worn food processor and 3-rack oven.

You can actually watch their baker mix, knead, shape, bake, and frost its over 2 dozen rotating offerings as you peruse the shelves of carrot cakes and Border Collie Bon Bons.

10. Jeffrey’s Natural Pet Foods

The considerable health improvements in Jeffrey Dotson’s dog, Burton, when he started feeding him high-quality food purchased from a natural pet food store in Washington, D.C., piqued his interest.

Jeffrey began working at the store and eventually rose through the ranks to become a co-owner.

“I not only saw the difference in the health and energy of my own dog, I saw positive changes in literally thousands of animals whose owners began feeding them a high-quality diet from our store,” he thought after reading Dr. Pitcairn’s Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats and researching information available on diet, essential nutrients, and natural remedies.

For the past 20 years, Jeffrey’s has been making customized raw foods for dogs and cats.

Jeffrey’s Fresh Meat Pet Foods are made fresh every day in its San Francisco kitchen, where they never sacrifice their most important value: quality.

Fresh, raw, ranging meats free of hormones and antibiotics, as well as fresh organic vegetables, are included in their meals, which are balanced for the health of your canine and feline companions.

You’ll be astounded at how much a change in nutrition can make.

11. Pawtrero

Shireen Nyden and Suzie Yannes, along with their dogs Cheyenne and Jackson, launched PawtreroTM BathHouse & Feed Co. in 2002.

When they met, both of their dogs were suffering from nutritional problems, so they set out to find more biologically suitable diets that were free of chemicals, by-products, and superfluous fillers.

They chose to share this knowledge after their study and the modification in their dogs’ diets healed both of their pets and transformed their lives permanently.

Pawtrero’s objective is to educate pet owners about nutrition.

Every product sold in their stores has been thoroughly researched.

They take pleasure in their knowledge and make it a top priority to understand not just where the meals are made, but also where the manufacturers get their proteins and how the animals are raised.

They also consult with a holistic veterinarian for advice on specific situations. This quality and education mindset has been carried over into all of the products sold in their stores.

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