Wellness vs Fromm Dog Food (6 Factors Compared)

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We’ve all been on a dog food journey at some point in our dog’s life.

What started out as simply picking up the cheapest bag of kibble at the grocery store has now evolved into an understanding that the quality of ingredients and the source of those ingredients are very important when it comes to what we feed our dogs.

Wellness vs Fromm dog food may be one of the most popular debates in dog nutrition, and this post is going to put them side by side for comparison and help you make the right choice.

In a rush? Our conclusion is that both Wellness and Fromm exhibit a lot of similarities and are worth your consideration. Read on for the finer details.

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fromm vs wellness dog food comparison
Dear Dog Owner

Overview: Wellness and Fromm Dog Food

⚠️ Consider the following when choosing dog food:

  • Life stage
  • Size of dog
  • Grain-inclusive or grain-free

What’s most important in choosing the right type of food for your dog is understanding its breed (activity levels) and any existing allergies.

If you need more help, consult your vet or find a veterinary nutritionist at the American College of Veterinary Nutrition (AVCM).

Fromm and Wellness are two of the most popular dog food brands on the market today.

They both offer high-quality ingredients, grain-free formulas, and a variety of flavors to choose from.

However, there are some differences between the two that you should be aware of before making your decision.

Here’s what we will be covering:

  • Brand reputation
  • Ingredients
  • Key Nutrients
  • Range of Formulas
  • Product Safety and Recall
  • Price

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1. Brand Reputation

Wellness Pet Food

In 1997, Wellness Pet Food was established, releasing a series of dog recipes in the same year.

In independent pet specialty merchants, Wellness Pet Food surpassed other natural pet foods by the year 2004, thanks to its attention to quality and nutritional values.

The company started manufacturing Good Dog by Wellness dog treats in 2022.

Recently, they have also won an award in the Natural Pet Category with one of their plant-based products.


There are numerous well-known brands of dog food that have been in existence for many years.

One of these companies is Fromm, which has been around for more than 70 years and has a strong reputation.

During this time, they have produced high-quality dog food in their home state of Wisconsin, ranging from basic kibble to raw foods, but their grain-free formulas have become their most well-known product line.

Fromm differs from competing brands because of its commitment to comprehensive nutrition.

They think of dogs as family members who should be fed the best food because they are more than simply animals.

They use carefully chosen ingredients from farms all across the country to create recipes that not only taste excellent but also support the growth of your puppy into a healthy adult dog.

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2. Ingredients

⚠️ A few points to note about the product label

Product name – tells you the percentage of the main ingredient

  • “Chicken” – at least 70% of the product.
  • “Chicken entree”, “Chicken platter”, “Chicken dinner” – at least 10% of the product.
  • “With chicken” – at least 3% of the product
  • “Chicken flavor” – less than 3% of the product

Ingredients – The first few items listed are the most important and make up the majority of the product (determined by weight).

Meat-meal – Can have much more protein than actual meat. To further understand, refer to this guide by AAFCO.

Wellness Pet Food

One of the key principles the company has is to produce dog food using natural ingredients and not rely on any unnecessary fillers.

There is a whole range of ingredients including real meat, salmon, and other protein-packed goodies that are used in the production.

Besides that, the dog food range also gets a boost with a series of nutrients and minerals such as zinc sulfate and vitamins.


Similar to Wellness, Fromm uses a wide selection of nutritious ingredients to produce their line of dog foods.

If you pay attention to the finer points, you will see that older dogs who are normally active are fed red meat dishes without grains.

These frequently include a delicious medley of lamb, pork, and beef. Probiotics are frequently included to enhance digestion.

The company also incorporates fresh produce into its meals that include vitamins A, D3, E, B12, zinc, and Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids for a healthy coat and skin condition to make sure your pet gets all the nutrition he or she needs.

3. Key Nutrients

Every pet food label must include a guaranteed analysis of the nutrients, according to AAFCO regulations.

Minimum crude protein and crude fat percentages, as well as maximum crude fiber and moisture percentages, must all be verified by the analysis.

You can choose the right food by being aware of your dog’s daily nutritional requirements.

Fromm vs Wellness Pet Food Guaranteed Analysis

BrandCrude ProteinCrude FatCrude FiberMoisture
Wellness Pet Food24% min12% min4% max10% max
Fromm Dog Food25% min16% min5.5 max10% max
Based on medium size adult dry dog food
BrandCrude ProteinCrude FatCrude FiberMoisture
Wellness Pet Food11% min7.5% min0.5% max78% max
Fromm Dog Food8% min3% min1.5 max84% max
Based on medium size adult wet dog food

Crude Protein

As it contains the amino acids and necessary fatty acids (18% min) that support muscle growth, repair, and maintenance, protein is crucial to a dog’s diet.

Building strong bones and connective tissue is another benefit of protein.

According to our comparison, the crude protein content of the dry dog food formulas from both firms is essentially the same and the variation is small.

In terms of the wet food variety, Wellness Pet Food has a slight edge here.

Crude Fat

Fat is an essential part of your dog’s diet.

It provides energy and helps to maintain a healthy coat and skin, as well as strong bones and muscles.

To prevent constant fatigue and hunger, dogs require fat in their diets.

Avoid giving your dog a low-fat diet unless under a veterinarian’s care because it might cause skin problems and hair loss.

You can see from this comparison that both brands’ crude fat percentages are roughly at a healthy level (minimum 5.5%), both for the dry food version and the wet one.

Crude Fiber

Fiber is important to the diet of dogs because it helps them maintain a healthy digestive system.

The fiber in their food helps to keep the pH levels in balance, which prevents constipation and other related problems.

It also helps to move food through the digestive tract slowly, which assists with nutrient absorption.

In both these brands, fiber is adequate and sufficient for a regular dog’s dietary needs (2-4%).

4. Range of Formulas

Both of these brands are well-established in the industry, and the good thing for us dog owners is that both companies have a full range of dog food products.

That includes dry and wet options, and for puppies through to senior dogs.

Here is a quick look at the most popular option each company offers:

Wellness Natural Pet Food

For puppies

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For adults

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For seniors

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Fromm Dog Food

For puppies

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For adults

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For seniors

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5. Product Safety and Recall

Wellness Pet Food

Wellness has had a couple of recalls in its history, with the most recent one being in 2017 for its Beef Topper for Dogs product.

This was due to possible high levels of beef thyroid hormone, which can affect metabolism and cause issues such as weight loss, thirst, and restlessness.


Fromm issued its first-ever recall in March 2016.

Unacceptable levels of Vitamin D were the reason for the recall of certain cans of dog food.

The recalled cans were “shipped to distributors during the limited time frame from December 2015 to February 2016,” according to the company’s recall announcement.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) identified Fromm as one of 16 pet food brands that may be linked to heart disease in dogs and cats in late June 2019.

However, none of the 16 brands have been recalled as a result of the agency’s ongoing investigation.

6. Price

Here is a general comparison of the prices between these dog food brands (using adult dog food).

BrandPrice per pound
Wellness Dog Food (adult, 30-pound pack)$2.33/lb
Fromm Dog Food (adult, 30-pound pack)$2.20/lb
based on a 30-pound pack, adult dry dog food

In Conclusion: Wellness vs Fromm Dog Food

As you can see, it’s pretty tough to find many differences between Wellness and Fromm dog food, and the fact is that both are quality brands that should be on your shortlist.

I would personally stick to my top choice of dry dog foods, which is the Wellness Complete Health.

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