Farmina vs Fromm Dog Food Comparison

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When it comes to choosing the right dog food for your best friend, it can be a pretty daunting task.

There are so many options out there, and you want something that’s going to be good for your pet and also affordable.

You might have heard about brands like Fromm and Farmina, and thought about trying one of them.

That’s why we’re here to help.

In this Farmina vs Fromm comparison, we look at 6 important factors that should be part of your consideration and help you make an informed decision.

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fromm vs farmina dog food comparison
Dear Dog Owner

Overview: Farmina vs Fromm Dog Food Comparison

⚠️ Consider the following when choosing dog food:

  • Life stage
  • Size of dog
  • Grain-inclusive or grain-free

What’s most important in choosing the right type of food for your dog is understanding its breed (activity levels) and any existing allergies.

If you need more help, consult your vet or find a veterinary nutritionist at the American College of Veterinary Nutrition (AVCM).

Farmina and Fromm are both premium dog food brands that focus on natural ingredients.

Both are committed to providing high-quality, nutritious food for your dog.

They also both have a large variety of different products that include dry food, wet food, and treats.

However, there are some key differences between the two brands that you should take into account when deciding which one is right for your pet.

Read on to discover how they measure in the following 6 key factors:

  • Brand reputation
  • Ingredients
  • Key nutrients
  • Range of formulas
  • Product safety and recall history
  • Price

1. Brand Reputation


Farmina is a well-known Italian pet food brand that has been around since 1965.

The company is based in Italy and makes products for both dogs and cats.

It offers a variety of formulas with very diverse protein sources such as chicken, lamb, herring, and duck.

Farmina has built up a stellar reputation in Europe and in recent years, in the United States as well.

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US audiences will probably be quite familiar with Fromm.

It is one of these businesses that has a long history and a solid reputation.

In their native Wisconsin for over the past 70-plus years, they have created high-quality dog food ranging from basic kibble to raw foods, but their grain-free recipes have grown to be their most well-known product line.

Fromm stands out from rival products thanks to its dedication to all-encompassing nutrition.

In order to make recipes that taste great and help your puppy develop into a healthy adult dog, they meticulously choose the ingredients from farms all around the country.

2. Ingredients

⚠️ A few points to note about the product label

Product name – tells you the percentage of the main ingredient

  • “Chicken” – at least 70% of the product.
  • “Chicken entree”, “Chicken platter”, “Chicken dinner” – at least 10% of the product.
  • “With chicken” – at least 3% of the product
  • “Chicken flavor” – less than 3% of the product

Ingredients – The first few items listed are the most important and make up the majority of the product (determined by weight).

Meat-meal – Can have much more protein than actual meat. To further understand, refer to this guide by AAFCO.

In this comparison of Farmina and Fromm dog food, we will focus on the following dry food product from each company:


The business is dedicated to giving dog owners all-natural, healthy, and delicious dog food that doesn’t contain artificial flavors or preservatives.

90% of the protein in this particular dry dog food product is actual beef, and it contains no corn of any kind.

The consumption of ancient cereals like spelt and oats makes this a really unique blend that is not commonly found across other dog food brands.

Compared to more contemporary grains like corn and rice, ancient grains have undergone the least amount of modification over time.

However, the benefits themselves are debatable, therefore I believe that this is a matter of personal preference.

Additionally, the business does not use any meat by-products.


The ingredients used by Fromm are focused on using a lot of high-quality products that are supplied by properly vetted companies.

They are all made in production facilities in Wisconsin, which has led them to win the Small Business Administration of Wisconsin award for producing a high-quality, locally-sourced product.

Many have raved that they are among the healthiest dog foods available since they are scientifically created to offer a complete nutritional palate.

To ensure that their food satisfies the highest possible safety standards, they regularly audit processes and test products with outside parties.

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3. Key Nutrients

Every pet food label must include a guaranteed analysis of the nutrients, according to AAFCO (The Association of American Feed Control Officials) regulations.

It has strict requirements to make sure that a product is in fact complete and balanced for dogs.

This means that complete and balanced diets must contain the minimum amount of all of the nutrients necessary for dogs, which is also indicated in the “guaranteed analysis.”

The analysis must validate minimum crude protein and crude fat percentages as well as maximum crude fiber and moisture percentages.

The tables below will show you the data from the two brands.

Take note: When comparing dog food nutrients percentages, you should remove the amount of moisture to make it a more even comparison.

This is also referred to as calculating its dry matter basis (use this calculator).

This approach is a more accurate way to understand the true nutrient contents of dog food, instead of just relying on the number on the label (which is an ‘as-fed’ basis).

Farmina vs Fromm Dog Food Guaranteed Analysis

NutrientFarminaDry matter basisFrommDry matter basis
Crude protein30% min32.97%25% min27.78%
Crude Fat18% min19.78%16% min17.78%
Crude Fiber2.5% max2.75%5.5% max6.11%
Moisture9% max10% max
Based on dry adult dog food

Crude Protein

Plenty of protein is necessary for a dog’s diet to be healthy and balanced.

Protein is used by the body for a number of processes, including the growth and upkeep of muscles and other structures.

It is also necessary for the development of new skin cells, muscles, and hair.

Not only that, but it also helps in the synthesis of hormones and enzymes, two crucial physiological chemicals.

Finally, it produces energy and maintains a strong immune system, just like carbs.

Half of the 22 amino acids needed to create proteins can be produced by dogs; the other half must be obtained from their diet.

From the table above, it can be seen that Farmina has an advantage over Fromm when it comes to crude protein, though not by much.

Crude Fat

Dogs need fats and oils in a balanced diet.

The ideal diet to sustain health is one that comprises between 10 and 15 percent fat (a minimum of 5.5%), for average, healthy adult dogs.

Fat in the diet only becomes a problem when animals are allowed to ingest excessive amounts of calories and fat (from extra snacks and table scraps, for example), without getting enough exercise to make up for it.

There is really not a whole lot of difference between these two brands in this department.

Crude Fiber

By adding mass and absorbing excess water, fiber aids in the production of solid, well-formed stools and encourages regular bowel movements.

Additionally, fiber helps maintain a healthy intestinal pH, which inhibits the growth of dangerous bacteria in your dog’s digestive system.

It also benefits the condition of their digestive system and makes them feel satisfied, which might make them feel less hungry and prevent overeating.

Fromm has an obvious advantage when it comes to providing adequate fiber to your dog. which makes this formula more well-balanced.

4. Range of formulas

I personally prefer to just buy one brand of dog food, so if a company gives me the option, I will likely choose them.

Offering a wide range of dog food items, including both dry and wet dog food, has been a success for both two businesses.

They even offer formals that are tailored to certain requirements including grain-free alternatives, dietary sensitivity, and weight management.

Here are some of their best-selling items:

5. Product Safety and Recall History

There is really no discussion about quality dog food without talking about their safety records.

Companies do make mistakes, and it is important for us dog parents to know about them and decide if they are worth our consideration.

I try to update this section as much as possible, but if you find anything amiss, you may double-check on the FDA’s site or its archives for accuracy.


Farmina dog food has never been recalled before in the United States or Canada.


Fromm issued its first-ever recall in March 2016.

Unacceptable levels of Vitamin D were the reason for the recall of certain cans of dog food.

The recalled cans were “shipped to distributors during the limited time frame from December 2015 to February 2016,” according to the company’s recall announcement.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) identified Fromm as one of 16 pet food brands that may be linked to heart disease in dogs and cats in late June 2019.

However, none of the 16 brands have been recalled as a result of the agency’s ongoing investigation.

6. Price

When selecting dog food, the cost can play a significant role.

It’s not always the case, but if you’re on a tight budget and have a few dogs to feed, then the price will be an issue.

It’s also no secret that costs can differ significantly among brands and kinds, but if you want to avoid spending a fortune, it’s worthwhile to review the prices listed below before making a purchase.

The cost per pound for the choices covered in this article is displayed in the table below:

BrandAdult Dry Food
based on similar product packaging; always check for latest prices

In Conclusion: Farmina vs Fromm Dog Food Comparison

I trust that the information and specifics in this post have given you a better understanding of the dog food each of these two businesses can provide for you.

Fromm would be my personal pick between the two due to its more balanced nutrition and affordable price, especially when there is not a lot of difference elsewhere.

However, when it comes to dry dog food, my top choice would be the Wellness Complete Health for its all-around quality and nutritional value.

What about you?

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