Mishka’s Marvelous Journey: A Terrier’s Tale of Travel and Triumph

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In an astonishing turn of events, Mishka, a spirited terrier mix, has made a miraculous return to her San Diego home after a mysterious eight-month odyssey that spanned over 2,300 miles, concluding in Metro Detroit.

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Facebook/Elizabeth Houman

A Joyous Reunion

The story of Mehrad and Elizabeth Houman’s reunion with their beloved three-year-old canine on March 28 is nothing short of miraculous.

The couple, who had feared their dog was taken from them as detailed in a distressing Facebook update last July, were filled with elation upon receiving news of her safety.

The Discovery in Michigan

Mishka’s adventure took a decisive turn last month when Harper Woods police in Michigan were alerted to a stray that was, in fact, Mishka.

Delivered to the Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society, a scan revealed her microchip, uncovering her origins far from the chilly climes of Michigan.

The revelation brought immense relief to the Houmans, though it left them pondering the incredible journey of their petite pet.

Elizabeth expressed her relentless efforts to locate Mishka, saying, “I put up over a thousand flyers. I had a flyer on my back windshield. I wore her leash whenever I would look for her…Now, I just want to find out how she got to Michigan.” Despite the mysteries, her hope never wavered.

Suspicions of a Guiding Hand

The circumstances of Mishka’s trek have led the Houman family and Corinne Martin, the director of the animal society, to suspect that the terrier was not alone in her journey.

Notably, Mishka returned in pristine condition, well-nourished and groomed, a detail that veterinarian Nancy Pillsbury emphasized, noting, “She was clean, well-fed. Whoever had her took good care of her.”

The enigmatic path to Michigan remains a story locked within Mishka herself.

Adding to the intrigue, Mishka acquired a new skill during her absence — obeying the command to sit — further fueling speculation that she was under someone’s care during her disappearance.

In an emotional whirlwind, the Houman family experienced a reunion that felt nothing short of a miracle.

As they were en route to Minneapolis for a family visit, an unexpected call transformed their journey.

A Dash Across States

Upon receiving the news while airborne, Mehrad wasted no time upon landing.

He embarked on an immediate drive straight to Detroit, as reported by FOX 2 Detroit, his mind set on retrieving their long-lost companion.

A Joyous Recognition

Mishka’s reaction to seeing Mehrad was instantaneous; her joy was unmistakable as she began to energetically jump within her enclosure.

Her excitement only grew when she finally reached home, showering Elizabeth with affectionate licks, a clear sign of her overwhelming happiness to be back with her family.

Mehrad’s sentiment resonated deeply, as he shared with the local news, “I’ve been missing my kid [Mishka], so that’s I think, what anybody would do to go get their kid back.”

This statement underscored the depth of their bond, a testament to the lengths one would go for a beloved family member, human or not.

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