Young Heroes: Boys Rescue Starving Dog Tied with Bungee Cords

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In Detroit’s 7 Mile area, four young boys proved that heroes can come from anywhere.

Brothers Kenny, Kenneth, and Kevin Dancy, along with their friend Andrew Daniels, were helping a local woman move house when they stumbled upon something that would shock anyone.

They found an abandoned dog, tied up with bungee cords at the back of a house.

The poor pup was emaciated and shivering, clearly in desperate need of help.

Without a second thought, the boys sprang into action.

They wrapped the dog in a winter coat to keep her warm, freed her from her bonds, and took her home to give her food and water.

They named her Sparkle.

While walking Sparkle around the neighborhood, fate intervened.

The boys met members of the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue. They shared Sparkle’s story, and the rescuers suspected she might have mange.

the dog did not have mange

The organization took her in for veterinary care and posted a heartfelt thank you on Facebook, calling the boys “heroes.”

“You could tell they really love this dog,” said Theresa Sumpter, the organization’s founder, to WDIV. “They were protective of the dog and wanted to make sure she was going to a good place.”

Fortunately, Sparkle didn’t have mange, which meant she could be fast-tracked for adoption.

Pet Tales Rescue, a sister organization, stepped in and placed Sparkle with a foster mom who could shower her with love.

But the boys didn’t stop there.

Their compassion didn’t go unnoticed, and they went on to rescue two more dogs from the same neighborhood.

Thanks to Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, these dogs were also taken off the streets and received the treatment they needed.

These young heroes remind us that sometimes, the most unlikely people can make the biggest difference.

Their quick thinking and big hearts saved Sparkle and brought her the love and care she desperately needed.

This story is a beautiful reminder that in our everyday lives, there are always opportunities to be a hero.

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