This Senior Dog Was Shaking Constantly Until She Finally Met Her New Owner

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Picture this: a tiny 14-year-old Poodle named Emma, dropped off at a shelter with just a crate, a fuzzy blanket, and a couple of toys.

Weighing only four pounds, she was a bundle of nerves and neglect.

Then along came Adrian Lott and Spencer Erickson from Seattle, Washington.

One glance at Emma’s photo, and they knew she was meant to be part of their family. Two weeks later, Emma was finally home.

emma the poodle
Dear Dog Owner

Meeting Emma

When Emma first arrived at her new home, she was understandably skeptical. Terrified and in dire need of medical care, she had a rough start.

  • “We think she went through some serious neglect before she came to the shelter. Her spine was quite curved, and she was incredibly shaky on her back legs,” Lott told Newsweek.

She could barely stand or walk, weighed less than four pounds, and was in terrible shape.

Immediate dental work was just one of the many things she needed.

Despite this, her new parents were head over heels for her and determined to give her the best life possible.

“She bonded with me pretty quickly. As she healed and settled in, she started following me from room to room and loved cuddling on my lap,” Lott shared.

For the first few days, Emma shook with fear and trauma from her past experiences. But once she realized she was safe and loved, the shaking stopped.

Senior Dogs Deserve Love Too

When people adopt dogs, they often go for puppies, leaving senior dogs like Emma behind.

But Adrian and Spencer showed that senior dogs can bring just as much love and joy.

Thriving in Her New Home

emma in better days

Initially, Adrian and Spencer thought Emma might only have a few months left due to her poor condition.

But Emma proved them wrong. She recently celebrated two years in her forever home.

“Knowing she’s made it to two years, and still going strong… I’m so, so grateful. Our joke is that she’s never going to die – Emma’s amazing vet team even said she’s ‘basically pickled’,” her parents wrote on Instagram.

With a little love, Emma’s life transformed. She now lives with four other senior dogs and is thriving.

She’s gained weight and had hip surgery, which improved her quality of life tremendously.

Most importantly, she knows what true love feels like.

“When you have a senior dog, you savor every moment because you don’t know how long you’ll have them. Emma’s happy and safe with us for as long as she’s here. She’ll never have to wonder if she’s important again,” Emma’s mom told GeoBeats Animals.

Consider Adopting a Senior Dog

If you’re thinking about adopting a dog, consider giving a senior dog a chance.

They bring a unique kind of love and warmth into a home.

Every dog deserves a shot at a happy life, and senior dogs like Emma are no exception.

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