This Rescue Dog’s Last Adventure Will Melt Your Heart: How Buddy’s Final Walk Turned Into An Unforgettable Joyride

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The following is based on a real story written by Sara Davis.

Paul and I have always been passionate about dogs, but our demanding jobs meant we never thought it was right to bring a dog into our lives.

That changed with the shift in our work environments during the lockdown. We found ourselves at the Oxford Animal Sanctuary where we were introduced to Buddy, a mix of Labrador and Border Collie.


At the age of nine, Buddy showed a strong reaction to other dogs and had a history of moving in and out of shelters for three years.

The thought of him spending another day in such a stressful situation was unbearable. Thus, on July 4th, 2020, Buddy came to live with us.

Moving on

Buddy turned out to be a calm, kind-hearted, and well-behaved companion at home. He never indulged in barking or hyperactivity.

One of his quirky habits was to wake us by pulling off the duvet with his mouth.

He had a fondness for soccer and would even try to participate in my Yoga With Adriene sessions or whenever I followed a Joe Wicks workout.

Despite his gentle demeanor with us, he had a tendency to become tense and aggressive at the sight of other dogs, a concern the sanctuary had flagged.

Consequently, Paul would scout ahead during walks to ensure no other dogs were around.

Change of environment

In 2022, we moved to a property with a larger garden, which meant Buddy no longer needed walks outside to be content.

It was disheartening to think he was missing out on the world beyond, yet he was surrounded by all the love we could give.

Tragically, in August of the following year, Buddy developed a limp in his front left leg, diagnosed as arthritis with muscle deterioration.

Despite initial treatment, his condition worsened, leading to constant discomfort by February.

Acknowledging his suffering, we faced the devastating decision to let him go peacefully.

Preparing for goodbye

Before saying goodbye, Paul suggested a special outing to a pet store for a unique experience without the presence of other dogs.

Pets at Home in Bicester kindly arranged a quiet visit for us, complete with a welcoming sign made of treats reading: “Hello, Buddy!” Buddy’s excitement was palpable, momentarily forgetting his limp as he indulged in the treats laid out by the staff.

Leaving the store was difficult for him, and even more so for us.

Our farewell to Buddy was the following day.

The joy he brought into our lives was immense, and being able to fulfill his final wishes in such a memorable way brought us some comfort.

We consider that day Buddy’s own “Make a Wish” moment, a perfect culmination of all his dreams.

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