Unbelievable: This Golden Retriever Puppy Was Born With Green Fur and It’s Breaking the Internet!

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You won’t believe the squeal of delight I let out when I first laid eyes on little Shamrock!

This tiny golden retriever puppy was born at Golden Treasures kernel, in Pensacola on March 3rd.

But she was no ordinary pup – she entered the world with the most vibrant lime-green fur you’ve ever seen!

shamrock was born green

I’ll never forget that moment of pure shock when I rubbed her downy coat and the green color didn’t come off.

My mind raced – had some freak accident dyed her fur this electric shade?

But no, this was au naturel, likely caused by some bile pigment situation in her mama’s womb.

A little green baby!

green hue on golden retriever

I just had to share this oddity with the world, so I posted a video of Shamrock on TikTok.

Well, let me tell you, folks went simply wild for this key lime cutie! The video racked up over 6.8 million views in no time, with comments like “Clifford’s got a rival now” and “Omg I have never wanted a dog more!”

Wasn’t she just the apple of the internet’s eye?

Shamrock was the little runt of her litter, but man was she feisty!

As her auntie Carole put it, “She just shines…she was small, but she was feisty.”

Those first few weeks, I just loved watching her wrestle and snuggle with her lucky siblings.

Sadly, her green hue has faded now to a more normal golden shade.

But that fleeting glow of lime will forever make Shamrock one special pup in my eyes.

I’m just so grateful I got to be part of introducing this little lucky dog to the world!

Anything that brings millions of people that much joy is a treasure indeed. Watch the video here.

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