Stray Met Woman Insistent On Transforming Him Into Gorgeous, Purebred Boy

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The first time the woman saw the dog on the street, her heart broke.

There he was, standing all alone, his body thin and covered in patches of diseased skin.

duofu when first discovered

You could tell he used to have beautiful, thick fur, but now most of it was gone.

It was hard to look at him without feeling a deep sadness.

Already a proud caretaker of two dogs, the woman just couldn’t leave him there to suffer.

So, she decided to rescue him.

He limped painfully with every step, and you could see that walking was a real struggle for him.

But she gently coaxed him forward with food, hoping to gain his trust.

It was clear his legs had been injured for a long time.

As he cautiously approached her for the food, you could see the fear in his eyes mixed with a longing for warmth and care.

She decided to name him Duofu.


Once she got him to safety, she had his fur shaved off, revealing his frail body with ribs that were starkly visible.

Who would’ve thought this fragile creature was a 6-7 month old Alaskan Malamute?

After giving him his first meal, she dressed him in clean clothes to keep him warm and protect his exposed skin.

At the local vet clinic, Duofu was understandably scared and resisted treatment.

But the woman was right there, comforting him, stroking his head, and whispering, “Don’t be afraid.”

By the third day, she decided to take Duofu for a walk.

He was nervous at first, but the promise of food soon had him relaxing a bit. That night, she made him a hearty meal, and he eagerly devoured it.

duofu getting better

Duofu’s name means happiness and joy, and that’s exactly what people wanted for him—a new life filled with happy memories and good times.

The woman’s family also took special care of him, trimming his long nails and feeding him nourishing dog food.

Duofu had once been a beloved pet, cherished and cared for, but after experiencing abandonment, he finally encountered compassion again.

Day by day, Duofu’s condition improved. Though he still had a limp, he became more lively and cheerful.

Over time, his skin smoothed out, and his original handsome appearance started to shine through.

There was a new light in his eyes—not just because his physical health was getting better, but because his soul was healing with all the love he received.

Aside from a calcium deficiency, Duofu didn’t have any major health issues.

Whenever the woman sat down, he’d come over and paw at her, his back now covered with fine hair and a smile on his face.

Watching him get better every day filled my heart with joy and relief, and hopefully yours too.

It’s true that “once the soul is filled with love, the flesh and blood flourish.”

The hope is that all stray dogs can find the same fortune as Duofu and be treated with the same gentleness and care.

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Zack Keithy

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