These 5 Spot-On Stereotypes About Dog People Are So True

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Let’s be real, judging someone based on shallow observations is a surefire way to miss out on getting to know the real them.

But hey, when it comes to dog people, those stereotypes are pretty darn accurate – and awesome to boot!

stereotypes about dog people

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Dear Dog Owner

1. Being super friendly

You’re a social butterfly, baby!

Just like your pup sniffing butts at the dog park, not much fazes you in social situations anymore.

Dogs thrive on being part of the pack, and so do you dog-loving folks.

You’re all about that friendly, outgoing life.

2. Being super loyal

Loyalty is your middle name.

Dogs are the epitome of devoted companions, and you demand that same unwavering loyalty from your furry family members.

So it’s only natural that you pour that same fierce devotion into the humans closest to your heart.

Once you’re in someone’s pack, you’re ride or die.

3. Being generous with treats

You’re a master of the reward system.

Train a dog with the right treats, and they’ll sit, stay, roll over on command.

Sound familiar?

You too operate on a reward-based system to power through the less fun stuff.

Crushed that report for your boss? Hello, pie reward!

4. Being aware

You’re a cunning social sleuth.

Dogs are pros at reading body language, tone, and all the subtle social cues humans put out there.

From watching your canine companions, you’ve become a social ninja yourself.

You can sniff out if your co-worker wants to chat or be left alone from a mile away.

It’s like you have a sixth pup sense!

5. Being energetic

You’re a high-energy rule follower (mostly).

Put it all together – the social butterfly vibes, the fierce loyalty, the ability to read a room – and you’ve got one energetic, conscientious rule follower on your hands.

Like a good doggo, you’ve got that strong moral code that considers how your actions affect the pack.

Sure, you might break the rules once in a while, but your loyalty and awareness always put you back on track.

So next time someone tries to peg you with some dog person stereotype, just smile and say “You know it!”

Because those “stereotypes?” They’re pretty much just facts about how awesome you are.

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Zack Keithy
Zack Keithy

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