Uh-Oh, Sausage Dogs on the Verge of Ban in Germany? We Might Change How We Look at Dog Breeding Forever

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Germany is facing controversy over a proposed legislation that might put the beloved Dachshund, affectionately known as the sausage dog, at risk of being banned due to concerns over breeding practices that lead to animal suffering, according to the German Kennel Club (VDH), as reported by The Times of London.

The draft law targets the breeding of dogs with “skeletal anomalies,” sparking opposition from the VDH, which has rallied the public to resist “a law that prohibits our favorite dogs.”

VDH President Peter Friedrich criticized the lack of clarity in the legislation regarding what constitutes an anomaly, arguing: “Otherwise, the obvious thing to do would be to make the dog’s ancestor, the wolf, the prototype. In that case, the legally stipulated breeding ban will affect all healthy dogs that deviate from the wolf type in their appearance,” as quoted by The Times.

In response, the VDH initiated a petition to combat “a law that prohibits our favourite dogs,” gathering over 14,000 supporters by Wednesday, according to Sky News.

The British Veterinary Association has highlighted the health issues suffered by Dachshunds due to their distinctive body shape, noting that all six varieties of the breed — including standard and miniature, long, smooth, and wire-haired — are prone to chronic conditions necessitating expensive surgeries.

Despite the uproar, Germany’s agriculture ministry has clarified that the legislation overhaul is not intended as a blanket ban on specific breeds but rather aims to eliminate “torture breeding,” which causes pain and suffering to animals, as stated by The Telegraph.

This goofball might go extinct?

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Zack Keithy
Zack Keithy

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