Heroic Mother Dog Walks Miles to Save Her Dying Puppies

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The staff at Amelia County Animal Shelter (ACAS) are no strangers to heartbreaking phone calls.

Having rescued countless dogs throughout Amelia County, Virginia, they’ve seen almost every scenario when it comes to pups in need.

But recently, they received a call from some patrons at a local dollar store about a mama dog peering inside — and the accompanying picture was unlike anything they’d ever seen.

mama dog save her puppies

Earlier that day, shoppers at Dollar General in Jetersville noticed someone quietly staring at them through the glass door.

To their surprise, a lone pit bull was sitting just outside the store’s exit, silently begging for someone to notice her.

Despite her tough exterior, marked with scratches all over her body, the sweet girl had the most soulful look in her eyes. Her new friends were determined to help her.

The Good Samaritans at the store set out food and water for the dog before calling the local animal control office.

When officers arrived to save the dog, later named Izzy, they instantly realized that she was a nursing mom. A quick search in the surrounding area revealed her adorable litter of puppies, hungry and eager to find shelter.

pitbull finding help

The rescuers scooped up the tiny, vulnerable family and drove them straight to ACAS. The team welcomed Izzy and her babies with open arms and scheduled a vet visit for the following morning.

“Mom and the babies went to the vet today and got checked out, pedicures, and some meds to get all of them right on track,” ACAS shared on Facebook. “Everyone is doing good and eating well.”

Izzy quickly captured her caregivers’ hearts, as did her tiny litter. When they weren’t watching the hungry babies gobble down a mound of wet food, the staff spent their time snuggling with Izzy — and they fell for her instantly.

“[Mama], aka Izzy, is such a love bug,” ACAS wrote.

To help Izzy heal from her recent trauma, the ACAS team decided to give her periodic breaks from taking care of her babies. While one doting staff member supervised her puppies, another spent one-on-one time with Izzy, allowing her true personality to shine through.

“Izzy [is] enjoying some time [away] from babies and [in] fresh air,” ACAS wrote in a Facebook update. “She is so gentle taking treats.”

As of now, Izzy and her babies are still at ACAS, working on getting stronger each day. They’ll be placed for adoption as soon as they’re healthy enough. But for the time being, they’re soaking up all the love their friends at ACAS have to give.

And with every warm cuddle, the tiny family’s memory of living outside the dollar store continues to swiftly fade away.

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