Stolen Car Drama Ends in Joy: Watch the Heartwarming Moment a French Bulldog Reunites With Its Owner!

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A beloved French bulldog named Recardito and his owner, Elkin, have been joyfully reunited after a distressing episode.

In a statement released on Monday by Washington, D.C.’s Metropolitan Police Department, it was revealed that the 4-year-old pooch had vanished following the theft of a car.

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The car, with Recardito cozily settled inside, had been parked by Elkin, only to be stolen while left unattended over the weekend.

Fox 5 identified the unfortunate car owner as Elkin, who experienced the shock of his life when he discovered his vehicle—and his cherished canine companion—missing.

He had parked on the 1900 block of 14th Street, Northwest, returning at 3:01 a.m. on Sunday to find both his car and Recardito nowhere in sight.

“The victim’s [dog] has been recovered, but Recardito was not in the vehicle,” the department tweeted on Monday morning, along with a press release.

A photo of the dog was shared as well as images of the suspect, which had been taken from nearby surveillance cameras. 

“Good news to share! MPD detectives located Recardito tonight and reunited him with his owner,” police said in an updated social media announcement on Monday. 

In one of the photos posted by the department, Elkin kneeled on the ground while embracing Recardito. Another picture showed the pet owner holding his pup as he smiled for a photo with one of the detectives.

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Elkin works as a driver for DoorDash, and had left Recardito in his vehicle for only a few minutes while he ran inside a nearby McDonald’s to pick up a customer’s food order. 

Authorities were able to locate the French bulldog by Monday evening, however, the person responsible for the theft of Recardito and Elkin’s car has not been apprehended.

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