Famous Dog Offers Pawsome Advice on Treating Pets Right, Encouraging Better Care and Stronger Bonds Today

baboy the cavapoo

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Meet Baboy, the adorable Cavapoo who has become an internet sensation with his heartwarming advice on treating dogs with love and respect.

Max’s owner, a passionate advocate for animal welfare, has found a creative way to share important messages through a series of charming photos featuring Max holding signs with valuable tips.

There are over 60 posts on the account (inactive now), and here are some of my favorites:

baboy 1

Caroline, Baboy’s devoted owner, lovingly crafts the signs for her furry friend to hold in her mouth.

Inspired by the popular “Dude with Sign” account, which features Seth holding relatable signs, Caroline wanted to give Baboy a voice and share her heartfelt messages with the world.

baboy 2

Max’s adorable photos and heartfelt advice have resonated with pet owners around the world, encouraging many to rethink how they treat their canine companions.

Here are a few comments:

I’m so imloveeee 🥲 this lil guy is making me miss my dog in heaven🥹💖

I love this account!!! Thank you precious friend !!!!

The best Instagram account ever. I love this dog

baboy 3

These playful yet thought-provoking messages invite us to reflect on our interactions with our furry friends and think about how we can give them the love, care, and understanding they deserve..

baboy 4

By following Max’s tips, I believe we can all benefit from a happier and healthier life with our dog and strengthen the bond we share.

Wanna see more of their photos? Here’s their Instagram account.

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