Dog’s Miraculous Recovery After Shocking Exposure to Methamphetamine at Local Thrift Store Leaves Community Stunned

Innocence Lost: A Beloved Pet’s Harrowing Ordeal

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In a heart-wrenching turn of events, a local business owner and devoted pet parent, Julie Young, found herself navigating a terrifying ordeal when her beloved dog, Fancy, fell victim to a heinous act of cruelty.

As the cherished canine companion recovers, Young and the community unite in a quest for answers and justice.

A Routine Day Turns Nightmarish

It began like any ordinary day at America’s Best Thrift and Discount, where Fancy, a constant presence, greeted customers with her endearing warmth.

However, shortly after 2 p.m., a concerned patron alerted staff to Fancy’s unsettling behavior – a stark contrast from her usual jovial self.

“She just kept being so unsettled and stopping and staring, and I can’t remember at that time if she was panting, but once we started realizing something really had gotten Fancy stirred up, we started working to figure out what it was. We could not get her settled down at all. Then, she just had this erratic behavior. Panting, panting, stomping her feet, staring, staring,” Young recounted, her voice laced with anguish.

A Harrowing Discovery

julie young

Despite initial efforts to calm Fancy and consultations with a veterinarian friend, her condition remained dire.

Faced with no choice, Young and her husband rushed their beloved pet to the Small Animal Emergency Clinic, where a shocking truth was unveiled – Fancy had tested positive for methamphetamine and amphetamine exposure.

“When they told me, I could have thrown up. I could have thrown up, because she’s an innocent baby, you know. She’s such a joy. So I could have thrown up […] the first thing was just in your gut, and now, I look at her, and it’s like she lost her innocence,” Young shared, her voice trembling with a mixture of rage and heartbreak.

A Determined Fight for Survival

fancy the dog

With Fancy’s life hanging in the balance, the dedicated medical team at the Small Animal Emergency Clinic sprang into action, administering a specialized treatment to counteract the drugs’ effects.

As the hours ticked by, Young and her husband kept a steadfast vigil, clinging to hope.

“The doctor at Small Animal Emergency was awesome. She said we were going to keep her, and they treated her with lipids, something to pull the drug out, and they treated her through the night and told us to be there at 6 a.m. in the morning, and at that time they felt she had reacted well to the treatment, but wanted us to get with our veterinarian and take her on to the veterinarian for her care,” Young recounted.

A Journey Towards Healing

Under the watchful eye of Dr. Kim Nethery, a veterinarian at the Amarillo Small Animal Emergency Clinic, Fancy embarked on a long road to recovery, her resilience shining through even in her darkest hour.

“In the case of specifically of amphetamines, those drugs are lipophilic, which means they bind to fats, so we have an IV liquid called intralipid, it’s essentially a liquid fat solution we can give them in IVs and it binds to the circulating amphetamines, and keeps them from interacting with receptors in the body that then cause the stimulant effects that they are known for,” Dr. Nethery explained, shedding light on the delicate treatment process.

While the ordeal has left its mark, Young finds solace in Fancy’s progress, her unwavering spirit a testament to the unbreakable bond between human and companion.

A Call for Justice and Vigilance

As Fancy continues her journey towards a full recovery, Young and the community are resolute in their pursuit of answers and accountability. Despite the authorities’ stance on the lack of tangible evidence, Young remains determined, pleading for any information that could shed light on the group of five teenage boys present at the store during the harrowing incident.

“Young said the Amarillo Police Department and Animal Control both said they would not pursue without a positive ID of the person’s face and a positive ID of the poison going into Fancy’s mouth,” the report states, underscoring the challenging path ahead.

In the wake of this heartbreaking episode, Young has made the difficult decision to restrict Fancy’s freedom within the store, a bittersweet sacrifice to ensure her beloved companion’s safety.

As the community rallies around this family, their resilience serves as a beacon of hope, reminding us all of the profound bond we share with our furry friends – a bond that transcends adversity and champions the pursuit of justice for the most innocent among us.

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