Dog Poop In The First Class Aisle Causes Flight Diversion!

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Imagine being on a flight to Seattle, only to have it detoured to Dallas because of a canine calling nature.

That’s exactly what happened on a recent United Airlines flight when a dog decided to make a mess in the first-class aisle (scroll down for the cleanup video!).

The Great Poop Saga

According to a Reddit post, the incident occurred on April 5th, and it was no ordinary situation.

The ground crew spent a whopping two hours cleaning the carpets with paper towels, but alas, the smell persisted.

In fact, the first-class toilet had to be declared unusable due to the unresolved doggy mess.

A Stench to Remember

The Reddit user, James Hobbs, shared the smelly details with PEOPLE.

Apparently, the odor was so potent that passengers were given masks and alcohol wipes to sniff, leaving Hobbs feeling ill.

He described the dog’s excrement as being in “a very liquid form,” with some even landing on a passenger’s shoe.

Crew to the Rescue

Amid the chaos, Hobbs commended the cabin crew for their valiant efforts in handling the situation.

In his own words, “Cabin crew was very upset as they tried to represent passenger needs. Accolades to cabin crew who performed very well.”

When Nature Calls, Food Spoils

As if the poop predicament wasn’t enough, the food on the flight went bad while they were grounded, leaving only a few snacks available.

Hobbs summed it up perfectly: “It was a bad situation for passengers, the dog, and that poor owner.”

Gate Agents Gone Wild

The drama didn’t end there.

According to Hobbs, gate agents kept yelling at passengers and the cabin crew.

He recounted, “The yelling was a gate agent of some kind who came aboard and yelled at passengers to sit down who were just trying to get away from the smell of the cleaning activities.”

United Airlines Confirms the Smelly Saga

United Airlines confirmed the incident did indeed occur.

While the airline’s website states that cats and dogs must be in pet carriers under the seat, service animals are allowed without carriers inside planes.

Reddit Reacts: Calling Out Irresponsible Dog Owners

Reddit users were quick to slam irresponsible dog owners who bring their pets on flights, only to cause chaos like this.

One user wrote, “All animals need to either be in a crate or in the cargo hold. Only service animals should be for the blind. You don’t need an ’emotional support dog’ for a freaking plane ride.”

Another user echoed the sentiment,

“The ‘dog lover’ crowd has completely destroyed the credibility of service animals. If it’s not a legit service animal, then it must be in a crate under the seat. Sooooo, I’m really hoping that if this was a non-service animal, the owner is held liable for the full costs incurred.”

So, there you have it, folks – a flight diverted, a stench to remember, and a cautionary tale about responsible pet ownership. You can find the full Reddit post here if you’re brave enough to dive into the details.

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