Get Ready To Ugly Cry: Diana Ross The Dog’s Journey To Finding Her ‘Upside Down’ Soulmate Family

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While the diva Diana Ross crooned about patience and perseverance in her classic hit “I’m Still Waiting,” her canine namesake is singing a whole new upbeat tune these days after finding her forever home.

This soulful pup, once a lonesome stray roaming LA’s streets, has hit the jackpot – going from a city shelter to the lavish living room of her adoring new family.

It was destiny that brought Diana to the caring folks at Best Friends Pet Adoption Center. As part of their noble mission to make every shelter across the nation no-kill by 2025, Best Friends collaborates with shelter partners to play pet matchmaker and find all their four-legged guests a happily fur-ever after.

To get the full scoop on this pooch’s personality, the staff sent Diana to a foster home with volunteer extraordinaire Xenia Lok. As a dog mom who recently lost her senior pup Kayla, Xenia was seeking the perfect short-term houseguest to help mend her broken heart.

From the moment Diana sashayed through her door, Xenia knew this beautiful girl was something special. Not only was she a natural-born snuggler who “melted into boyfriend Mike’s arms at her hefty 60 pounds,” but Diana possessed a calm, focused energy ideal for training. She was a model leash-walker and got along famously with the apartment building’s whole canine crew.

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Over their two weeks together, Xenia delighted in acquainting Diana with all the finer things in life – beachy adventures, restaurant patios, and plenty of new scents and tastes to pique her interest (this pup was absolutely riveted watching tigers on TV!).

With each day, Xenia’s fondness for her gentle, cuddly houseguest grew stronger.
“She was so incredible that she became my favorite foster pet,” Xenia gushed.

I can absolutely relate – just look at that soulful face! How could you not want to smoosh those velvety jowls and pepper her with kisses?

While Xenia had to finally say goodbye as Diana’s journey continued toward her permanent digs, she helped write her beloved houseguest’s happy ending. Thanks to the insights and adorable anecdotes Xenia provided, Diana’s future owners knew she was the perfect pup to adopt and love fur-ever.

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Sometimes our most precious soulmates come into our lives unexpectedly, as diva Diana Ross has serenaded time and again.

For this once-stray pup, it was a lucky stroke of fate that led her from the cold streets to Living La Vida Doggy at her new familia’s place. Bravo, Diana – may your life be an “Endless Love” of belly rubs, long naps, and all the treats!

They say good things come to those who wait, and for Dusty Verlaine, her patience paid off in the form of a soulful, sixty-pound love named Diana Ross…or should I say, Dee. This adorable pup grabbed Dusty’s heart from the moment they met at the Best Friends Pet Adoption Center.

“She was the only dog calmly sitting, and she was so cute,” Dusty reminisced. While she wasn’t quite ready to take the adoption plunge that day, Diana’s gentle demeanor stuck with her.

Over the next few weeks, Dusty found herself wistfully calling the center to check on her potential fur-baby, only to tragically learn Diana had found her forever home…or so she thought. In a fateful twist, just a week later, the staff reached out – Diana’s first adoption hadn’t worked out after all. Was Dusty finally ready to welcome this soulful pup into her life?

“I didn’t hesitate,” Dusty shared. And a huge factor in her instant “yes”? The insights provided by Diana’s brief but brilliant foster mom, Xenia. Her foster notes painted an irresistible picture of Dee’s true colors – a calm, focused, endlessly affectionate sweetheart. With Xenia’s glowing recommendation, Dusty knew this was her dog.

From the moment Dee graced Dusty’s doorway, their shared groove was unstoppable. Dusty delighted in her new best friend’s “excited” greetings for every stranger, soaking up all that radiant puppy love. And true to her name, Dee served up soulful, diva-licious vibes from morning to night with her mellow, snuggly essence.

Sometimes our most precious soulmates require a bit of patience and persistence to embrace their endless love. For Dusty, the second time definitely proved charmer as beautiful Dee taught her the real meaning of “Your Love Is So Good for Me.”

Thank you, Diana Ross, for your timeless reminder that good things come to those who wait…and wait…for that perfect pupper companion!

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