Anxious Mama Dog Who Was Chained To An Abandoned Factory Couldn’t Produce Milk To Feed Her Babies

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Who wants to hear a touching story about a brave mama dog named Bella (christened by me)?

This sweet girl faced a heartbreaking challenge, but with a little help from some kind-hearted people, she and her babies found hope.

Dear Dog Owner

A Heartbreaking Discovery

bella found
Source: Rescue Mission HT

One day, a man was cleaning up an abandoned wood factory near his house when he heard faint cries coming from a nearby corner.

Curious, he went to investigate and found Bella, a mama dog, hiding with her newborn puppies.

Bella was in rough shape – she was extremely malnourished, her fur was overgrown and tangled, and she had a chain around her neck that prevented her from finding food for her babies.

Help Is On The Way

saving bella

The man couldn’t bear to see Bella and her puppies suffering, so he immediately contacted animal rescuers.

When the rescuers arrived, they saw that Bella was in desperate need of help.

She was so weak that she couldn’t produce milk to feed her hungry puppies.

The rescuer quickly grabbed a box, lined it with grass, and carefully placed the puppies inside before unchaining Bella.

Gaining Trust

keeping bella warm

Bella was anxious and didn’t trust the rescuers at first.

To win her trust, the rescuer started a small fire to keep them warm and spoke to her in a calm and soothing voice.

He realized that Bella was starving, so he ran to the store to buy some food.

As soon as he placed the kibble in a bowl, Bella ran to it and started eating.

After finishing her meal, she lay next to her puppies, allowing them to nurse.

A Heartbreaking Loss

surviving puppy

The rescuer stayed with Bella and her puppies through the night, keeping them warm with the fire.

When he returned the next morning, Bella greeted him with a smile.

However, he was heartbroken to find that only one of the four puppies had survived the night.

Determined to save the remaining puppy, the rescuer decided to bring it home and provide it with proper care.

A New Beginning

At home, the rescuer gathered all the supplies he needed and began feeding the puppy multiple times throughout the day.

He made sure the little one had everything it needed to grow up big and strong.

Bella, now free from her chain and well-fed, started to regain her strength and trust in humans.

A Story of Hope and Compassion

Bella’s story is a powerful reminder of the importance of compassion and understanding.

Even in the toughest situations, a little bit of love and care can make a world of difference.

Thanks to the kind-hearted rescuer, Bella and her surviving puppy have a chance at a better life.

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