After Being Thrown Off a Bridge, Brave Puppy Rescued Just in Time With Electrical Tape Still Over His Mouth

louie is saved

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Imagine the pain and heartbreak caused by human cruelty is far worse than any growl or bite.

When dogs act out of fear, it’s instinctual. But when humans hurt these animals intentionally, it’s a cruel choice.

It’s devastating to see how low some people can go – leaving helpless pups in bags with no food, water, or air.

Louie’s story tugs at your heartstrings – betrayed, thrown off a bridge, tape over his mouth stifling his cries for help.

Louie’s cry for help wasn’t missed by Bob Hoelter, a local from Griffith, Indiana.

louie was found under a bridge
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One ordinary night turned into a rescue mission as Hoelter heard a whimper under a bridge.

His heart couldn’t ignore the plea for assistance.

Shining his flashlight in the darkness, Hoelter discovered a shivering puppy with tape over its mouth, making it hard to breathe.

With urgency, Hoelter rushed the pup to Griffith Animal Hospital, where Dr. Lori Kovacich took over.

louies mouth was taped

Recognizing the severity of the situation, Dr. Kovachich treated the puppy for days-old tape burns on its muzzle.

Each specialist contributed to Louie’s recovery, offering comfort and care so he could finally rest.

Despite not knowing his name, Kovachich was thankful for Hoelter’s quick action.

And while Louie began to heal, more hardships awaited – a broken leg requiring immediate surgery.

The hospital staff’s hearts ached at Louie’s story, writing angry social media posts condemning the cruelty that led to the pup’s injuries.

But amidst the pain, a silver lining emerged.

louie healing

As Louie healed, he charmed everyone with his playful spirit, capturing the hearts of those around him.

Eventually, a post on social media led to a reunion with Hoelter and a new forever home with the Wittings.

Mary and Doug Witting welcomed Louie, providing him with love and care he urgently needed.

Despite the pain and trauma, Louie’s story is a testament to the resilience and compassion of those who lend a helping hand.

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