108-Year-Old Woman Believes the Secret to Longevity Is Choosing DOGS Over Children

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In the heart of Derbyshire, there lives a truly remarkable woman who recently celebrated a milestone few can even dream of reaching.

Meet Ada Daniel, a spirited and vibrant 108-year-old who has a unique secret to her long life that’s both charming and unconventional.

dogs not kids according to ada daniel

Ada received over 300 birthday cards, including one from King Charles III and Queen Camilla, in celebration of her incredible longevity.

But what’s her secret to such a long life?

According to Ada, it’s all about having dogs instead of children.

In an interview, Ada shared this delightful insight, revealing her fondness for her four-legged friends, especially greyhounds.

Kelly Goucher, the care home’s activity coordinator, described Ada’s lively personality and her special connection with dogs. “I did ask her what her secret was once, and she said it was to have dogs, not kids,” Goucher said. “She had a lot of greyhounds. She lived on Street Lane and all of her greyhounds were also called Street Lane.”

As Ada’s 108th birthday approached, the care home initiated a birthday card appeal on Facebook, inviting well-wishers to help make her day special.

The response was heartwarming, with 135 messages arriving by the very next morning.

ada daniel

Born in Ambergate in 1915, Ada married her late husband Percy when she was 27, in 1944.

Although they didn’t have children, they shared a rich and fulfilling life together until Percy’s passing at the age of 73.

Ada continued to live independently until she was 103, when she finally moved into a care home.

Now, at 108, she is celebrated as one of the UK’s oldest residents, being the 65th oldest person in the country.

Ada’s story is a testament to the joy and companionship that dogs can bring into our lives.

Her life, filled with the love of her greyhounds, is a beautiful reminder of how our furry friends can keep us youthful and happy.

(This story was first reported in 2023)

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