How Much Boiled Chicken for Dogs? [Clear the Confusion]

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Are you treating your furry friend to a culinary masterpiece, or are you unwittingly jeopardizing their health with every bite of that boiled chicken?

It’s a question that every responsible dog owner should ponder, for the answer can mean the difference between a healthy, thriving pup and a pet plagued by nutritional woes.

So how much boiled chicken for dogs then?

Lets explore the world of boiled chicken for dogs, shedding light on the right portion sizes, the nutritional benefits, and the potential pitfalls that every responsible pet parent should be aware of.
Let’s go!

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Dear Dog Owner

How Much Boiled Chicken Can My Dog Eat?

How Much Boiled Chicken Can My Dog Eat

I’ve heard how dog owners gush over the great benefits boiled chicken gives their dogs.

I personally consider boiled chicken as one of the best foods my dogs could ever eat. I’d say the hype for boiled chicken is DESERVED.

You know chicken is abundant in proteins, right? Well, boiling chicken makes it easier to break down its proteins.

This means that your dog will have a far easier digestion when eating boiled chicken. If your dog has a sensitive tummy, I bet he’ll have a good time eating boiled chicken.

Boiling chicken is also an effective way of killing bacteria that may have not been washed off.

The heat from the boiling process will surely destroy any harmful pathogens that may cause health issues to your pup.

If boiled chicken is THAT great for dogs, then how much of it can your dog eat?

Give your dog 1/3 to 1/4 cup of boiled chicken per 20 pounds of his body weight. This amount of boiled chicken will work better with fresh dog food on the side!

With this meal, you’ll be sure that your dog will get enough nutrients to keep him active all day long.

Is chicken healthy for dogs?

Chicken, so long as it’s cooked, is very healthy for dogs.

It’s rich in proteins and other nutrients like amino acids. 

If you’re gonna look for the pros of feeding your dog chicken, you’ll see many great advantages chicken could give dogs. 

Because chicken is also a good source of amino acid, it’ll help keep your dog’s joints and bones healthy too!

Your dog can get enough omega-6 fatty acids from chicken too. And guess what?

Omega-6 fatty acids make your dog’s skin and fur shiny and healthy!

What are the risks of feeding my dog chicken?

Dogs are different from each other no matter how similar you think they may act.

Some dogs may not be allergic to a certain food, while other dogs may be.

The thing is, chicken can cause an allergic reaction in some dogs. 

One of the cons of feeding your dog chicken is the fact that chicken is a known allergen to several dog breeds.

Your dog may experience an allergic reaction upon eating chicken if he has unknown allergies to it.

Plus, as nutritious as chicken may be, chicken is still lacking some nutrients your dog needs to have a healthy lifestyle.

Chicken is completely devoid of fats or carbs, which creates an imbalance in your dog’s diet especially if he’s a hyper pup.

Can Dogs Live on Chicken Alone? Is It OK to Feed My Dog Only Chicken?

Can Dogs Live on Chicken Alone

Dogs can’t live on chicken alone so it isn’t OK to feed your dog only chicken lest you cause him nutritional deficiency.

I know you’re thinking that chicken is already rich in proteins and amino acids. But the thing is, your dog needs more minerals and vitamins aside from those two.

For example, your dog needs Vitamin A and Thiamin for their eyes, growth, and digestion, but chicken won’t be able to give him that.

Remember that your dog won’t be completely healthy if he’s not receiving the right amount of ALL nutrients he needs.

Just because chicken is rich in certain nutrients doesn’t mean your dog’s health will be guaranteed!

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Which Parts of the Chicken Can Dogs Eat?

Your dog can eat all parts of the chicken except the bones.

Chicken bones, raw or cooked, pose a choking hazard for your dog so remove them before giving the chicken to him.

Chicken thighs and breasts are where the real nutritious stuff is by the way. 

I suggest you give your dog skinless and boneless chicken thighs and breasts for a deliciously filling and nourishing meal! 

How Much Chicken to Feed a Dog?

The amount of chicken your dog should eat really depends on his weight. 

Smaller dogs will have a smaller serving, while bigger dogs will need a larger serving.

But don’t worry, such measurement is enough to keep your dog full! 

You can freely feed your dog a quarter of a cup of chicken per 20 pounds of his weight. It’ll be enough for a good number of proteins and amino acids.

What is the Best Way to Prepare Chicken for My Dog?

What is the Best Way to Prepare Chicken for My Dog

The best way to prepare chicken for your dog is to make sure you are cooking it at a high temperature.

165°F is high enough to kill the harmful pathogens that may cause diseases like salmonella. 

But don’t overcook it because overcooking a chicken will only completely remove the proteins!

It’s also best not to use butter and other form of oil in cooking chicken at home since it may cause digestion problems with your pup.

Chicken skin won’t give your dog beneficial nutrients and chicken bones will only be a choking hazard.

Hence, it’s best to prepare a skinless and boneless chicken for your dog. It’s a healthier and safer preparation for your doggy.

How to Boil Chicken for Dogs? (Simple Recipe)


  1. Boneless and deboned chicken
  2. Clean water


  1. Wash the chicken thoroughly then fill a pot with 3/4 of water.
  2. Place the chicken inside the pot and let it boil for at least 12 minutes or until no pinkish color is visible.
  3. Shred the chicken into tiny pieces before serving it to your dog.
  4. (Optional) Add your dog’s favorite dog food to the bowl of boiled chicken.

How Long Do You Boil Chicken for Dog Food?

Chicken can cause salmonella and other gastrointestinal issues if not cooked properly.

Hence, you might be asking how long you have to boil chicken for it to be safe for your dog.

You have to boil chicken thoroughly, but you can’t overcook it since the nutrients will be removed.

12 minutes of cooking at a high temperature is already enough to boil chicken for dog food. But if you can still see a tinge of a reddish or pinkish hue, another 3 minutes of boiling will do.

Can I Feed My Dog Chicken Every Day?

Many commercialized dog foods have chicken as their main ingredient.

And if you’re gonna look at it that way, you’ll realize that dogs who have chicken-flavored dog food are actually eating chicken every day.

Hence, I’d say you can feed your dog chicken every day so long as his diet does NOT only contain chicken.

If you plan to feed your dog chicken every day, make sure that he still has access to foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals that your dog can’t get from chicken alone.

You have to include other food in your dog’s chicken diet to be certain he won’t suffer from nutritional deficiency.

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When Should Chicken Be Used as a Treat?

Chicken should be used as a treat if your dog is a picky eater.

Picky dogs usually have trouble eating or finishing their regular dog food.

Topping your picky dog’s dog food with shredded chicken each meal would give him a more unique flavor to taste.

This way, he’ll be more eager to eat his food without causing too much fuss.

You can also use chicken as a treat when you’re training your dog to some new tricks or commands.

Use chicken pieces or cubes as rewards for correct behaviors!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I boil chicken for my dog’s upset stomach?

If your dog has an upset stomach, he’ll need to have a bland diet. This means that you should only boil chicken without any seasonings or additives. Just boil a skinless and boneless chicken then shred it before giving it to your pup.

Is too much chicken bad for dogs?

Too much chicken is only bad for dogs if they have allergies to chicken. Some dog breeds are more prone to chicken allergies like Labrador and Golden Retriever. Eating too much chicken may trigger an allergic reaction that can be mild to severe.

Is it okay to mix chicken with dog food?

It’s okay to mix chicken with dog food. Chicken is only mainly rich in proteins and amino acids. Mixing chicken with dog food means your dog will be able to receive more vitamins and minerals his body needs that aren’t present in chicken.

How much chicken can I add to a dry dog?

Fill a cup with 3/4 dry food and 1/4 cup of chicken. This is enough addition for a healthy and balanced diet your dog can have.

Is it cheaper to make your own dog food?

It’s cheaper to make your own dog food because you can buy ingredients in bulk. Plus, you can also choose budget-friendly ingredients without sacrificing the quality of food your dog eats.

What can I feed my dog instead of dog food?

Dogs can eat human foods like turkey, chicken, and some fruits and vegetables. You can feed your dog this natural food instead of dog food for a healthier diet.

Can a dog live on chicken and rice?

Chicken and rice combo is a healthy and delicious meal a dog can enjoy. However, it still isn’t enough for a dog to get by. Hence, a dog can’t live solely on chicken and rice. He’ll still need other sources of nutrients from other food.

How do I know if my dog is getting too much protein?

You can easily know if your dog is getting too much protein if he’s gaining weight, has yellowish stains in his pee, and is constantly experiencing diarrhea.

Does chicken give dogs diarrhea?

Chicken can only give dogs diarrhea if the dog is allergic to chicken or the chicken has not been properly cooked. In most cases, chickens are quick to be digested and could even work well on dogs who have a sensitive tummy.

Can boiled chicken make dogs sick?

Boiled chicken can only make dogs sick if you have added additives and other ingredients that may contain allergens to dogs.

In Conclusion: How Much Boiled Chicken for Dogs

In a nutshell, figuring out how much boiled chicken to dish out for your pup isn’t rocket science. It’s more like an art of love and care. 

So, relax, enjoy those mealtime moments with your furry friend, and keep their tails wagging – you’ve got this!

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