Bully Sticks Vs Collagen Sticks: What’s The Diff?

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There are lots of exciting chew treats in the market today that your dog is sure to love.

While bully sticks seem to be more popular, collagen sticks are not lacking behind by much these days.

So what’s the difference?

The main difference between bully sticks and collagen sticks is that the former is made with bull penises while the latter is made with the inner layer of cow skin. Both are natural snacks that provide plenty of benefits for your dog.

In this post, let’s dig deeper into these two unique treats and find out how they are good for your dog. Hopefully, you will know which one is better by the time you’re done reading.

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What Are Collagen Sticks?

Collagen sticks are a type of delicious and digestible chew for your dogs.

The main ingredient to make it is corium, and if you’re wondering what that is, it’s the inner skin of a cow, and it is super rich in collagen! 

Dog parents give these collagen sticks to their four-legged babies as an alternative to the usual rawhide chews.

Since they are made from skin, they are very elastic which makes them great for chewing.

Doggy says, you might be kee on this too: Is beef hide the same as rawhide?

Benefits of Collagen Sticks

Collagen sticks are a great source of entertainment for your dogs.

The time they spend chewing on a stick is already a boost to their mood, and it also cleans their oral cavity well.

But aside from that, chewing on collagen sticks gives your dog amino acids which are important to their diet.

Because of the nutrients that your dogs can get from collagen sticks, they’ll be able to have stronger bones, and that is especially great for senior dogs.

Chewing on collagen sticks also moisturizes the skin of your doggies, lessening the chances of too much shedding.

You gotta admit collagen sticks are indeed a better alternative for rawhide chew!

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What Are Bully Sticks?

Bully sticks are another dog chew that can be quite irresistible for your fur babies.

These bully sticks are made with, excuse my language, a bull’s penis.


I think I’ll just have to stick with the word “bull pizzle.”

Bully sticks come in different shapes and sizes, and you can choose one that is most suitable for your dog.

They come in different thicknesses too, which is incredible since dogs have different chewing habits.

Bully sticks are digestible as well so your dogs can surely feel a bit fuller after finishing a stick.

Benefits of Bully Sticks

Bully sticks are rich in protein! The protein in them helps your dogs strengthen their muscles and bones.

Plus, happily chewing on their bully sticks allows dogs to release endorphins that really give them balanced mental health. They just seem less stressed after chewing on these sticks.

Your dog’s teeth will also stand to gain as chewing on them improves oral hygiene.

You’ll notice your dogs have cleaner teeth and fresher breath after a few sessions. An instant toothbrush!

Not forgetting that bully sticks are low in calories too!

How to Choose the Right Chew?

Choosing the right chew for your dog is important and you gotta make sure the chew you are giving them suits them well.

When doing so, you have to keep in mind the size of your dog. 

Is your dog still a puppy? Is your dog small or big in size?

You also have to ask yourself, “Is my dog a heavy chewer?”

What are the benefits your dogs will gain from the chew you’ll be choosing? 

Plus, it’s best to be mindful of its ingredients so you’ll know what goes inside your doggy’s little eager mouth. I always stick with those made of natural ingredients.

What is the Difference Between a Bully Stick and a Collagen Stick?

what is the difference between bully sticks and collagen sticks

I think most dog owners have already heard about bully sticks as they are quite frequently used.

But I also gotta acknowledge this newer chew called collagen stick is slowly getting more and more attention.

You’re probably wondering what makes these two different from each other.

Well, here are some of their differences:


Beef is the main ingredient of bully sticks and collagen sticks, and I gotta emphasize that bully sticks use a bull’s penis as their main ingredient.


Some people are turned off by meat by-products, but in this case, a bully stick is an awesome natural chew that is full of proteins too.

Collagen sticks are made of the inner skin of a cow, a part that is known as corium.

Despite being made from different parts of the same animal, both are free from gluten and chemicals. 

They have nutrients that are good for bones, skin, and teeth.


If you were to smell bully sticks and collagen sticks, you’ll notice that bully sticks have a much stronger odor

In dog chews, the stronger the odor, the more flavorful it is.

And since bully sticks have more natural ingredients, they tend to have more flavor than collage sticks.

BUT don’t worry! Collagen sticks are still flavorful in their own appealing and irresistible way.

Your dog is better than you at knowing that!

Chew Time

Chew time depends on how quick or aggressive of a chewer your dog is, and the ingredients of collagen sticks and bully sticks also help you decide which chew last longer for your dogs.

Collagen sticks are more elastic since they are made of the inner skin.

This should give you the idea that collagen sticks have longer chew time for your dogs compared to bully sticks.

If you want your dog distracted for a longer time, you gotta give them a collagen stick.


If I’m being honest, neither collagen stick nor bully stick is cheap.

Both kinda cost a little, but we love our dogs, don’t we?

But if you’re looking for something that may cost more but will last longer, you’ll have to choose collagen sticks instead of bully sticks.

Collagen sticks are elastic, and have a longer chew time, even if your dog is a strong chewer. Your cash goes a longer way with them.


Bully sticks are highly digestible thanks to all the protein it contains.

If your dog swallows a piece of a bully stick, expect that it will eventually digest that piece in under three hours.

The same can’t be said about collagen sticks though.

Don’t worry, collagen sticks are still digestible. It just takes more time to do so compared to bully sticks.


You know, the main risks in dog chews are choking and intestinal blockage.

No matter what chew you give your dogs, there is still a risk of them accidentally swallowing a chunk of bully stick or collagen stick.

But since bully sticks are highly digestible compared to collagen sticks, bully sticks are fairly saferhow to keep bully sticks fresh.

Best Options for Aggressive Chewers

The elastic nature of collagen sticks makes them the best option for your dear aggressive chewers.

The collagen stick will mostly be stretched here and there for a longer time before your dog succeeds in finishing it.

Aggressive chewers need long-lasting chews which collagen sticks can give!

Best Options for Less Aggressive Chewers

A bully stick is the best option for your less aggressive chewer doggy. 

It’s very flavorful and comes in different sizes that you can easily choose from for your fur baby.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How are collagen sticks different from rawhide?

Collagen sticks are a better alternative than rawhide. They have more proteins but less fat than rawhide, which makes them more digestible than rawhide. They are also processed less so they are rich in natural flavor compared to rawhide which has been processed with more additives and chemicals.

Do collagen sticks have a strong smell?

If you’re getting tired of the stinky smell of dog chews, you’ll be happy to know that collagen sticks don’t have a strong smell. In fact, it’s almost odorless. Collagen sticks are the dog chew that won’t make a room smell disgusting.

Do collagen sticks last as long as bully sticks?

Collagen sticks are made with the elastic inner skin of a cow, and this elasticity is what makes them longer-lasting than bully sticks. Collagen sticks will very much keep your dog occupied for a longer amount of time.

Does my dog need collagen?

Whatever the age, breed, or size of your dog, it will need collagen. Collagen is a great help in keeping your dog’s joints and bones healthy! Senior dogs will have an easier time moving around if they have more access to collagen. You can also notice dogs having healthy skin when they consume more collagen.

In Conclusion: Bully Sticks Vs Collagen Sticks

Both of these chew treats are great for your dog and they have similar benefits.

If you have never tried them before, I would recommend that you give both a shot and see which your dog prefers.

You can’t go wrong with either!

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