Are Goldendoodles Picky Eaters [Mastering Mealtimes]

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Are Goldendoodles truly the connoisseurs of the dog world, or just misunderstood eaters?

If you’ve ever found yourself staring into those puppy eyes, wondering why your dog turns up its nose at meals, you’re not alone.

I personally know quite a number of owners who have faced this issue, but, truly, are Goldendoodles picky eaters?

What are their usual eating habits?

Let’s demystify all that in this post and figure out the best way to feed them, shall we?

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What Are the Typical Eating Habits of a Goldendoodle?

What Are the Typical Eating Habits of a Goldendoodle

Goldendoodles, a charming mix of the Poodle and Golden Retriever, bring heaps of intelligence and affection to any home lucky enough to have them.

Since they are smart, they also make for terrific service dogs!

With such great genes from their sweet, smart, and friendly parents, Goldendoodles have a lot of winning qualities. 

However, as delightful as they are, some dog owners face a bit of a challenge with their pet’s eating habits.

It’s not all smooth sailing when it comes to mealtime for some of them. 

While they usually eat twice a day, some owners opt for three smaller meals to keep them content.

Every meal should consist of top-notch dog food that suits their age and size perfectly.

This is the key to keeping them healthy and energetic, even with all the playtime.

In between the time before each meal, most Goldendoodles also need snacks to get by.

They’re very persistent when it comes to asking for food by the way. Ignoring their request for treats throughout the day could be futile.

Generally, Goldendoodles aren’t picky eaters. Most will happily gobble up whatever you serve.

Yet, there’s the occasional special case where they turn into picky eaters, presenting a challenge for some dog owners.

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What Makes a Goldendoodle a Picky Eater? How Do You Know?

What Makes a Goldendoodle a Picky Eater

Although most Goldendoodles won’t have any problem eating whatever is in their feeding bowl, there are still those who can be so picky with their food.

If you have one at home and he’s suddenly becoming too picky with what he eats, there are reasons for that.

It’s really important for you as a dog owner to find out what’s causing it because it could be due to underlying health issues.

But don’t worry!

Being a picky eater doesn’t always mean your dog is sick. Let’s find out more.

Sensitive tummy

If your Goldendoodle has a sensitive tummy, he can be a picky eater.

This is because he has previous experiences when his stomach gets upset by eating certain food.

If his tummy issues are always bothering him, he’ll be wary of the food he eats. Goldendoodles are smart enough to figure out what’s hurting them. 

Hence, your dog won’t be eating anything you’re giving him, making you think he’s a picky eater.

You’ll know that your Goldendoodle’s sensitive tummy is what’s making him a picky eater if he almost always has to do his business after eating.

Low-quality dog food

Many dog food manufacturers sell products they call “high-quality and well-balanced diets”, but it turns out that they were sometimes just a lie because all they put in their products was filler ingredients and additives.

This kind of dog food with no proper source of nutrients is what dog owners like us should consider “low-quality dog food”.

Your Goldendoodle has great senses, and he’ll quickly know if what he’s eating has excellent quality.

So if his dog food doesn’t meet his expectations, he’ll definitely turn his head away from it. 

I understand that these kinds of dog foods are way cheaper to buy, but are you gonna risk your dog’s health to save a few cents?

Because feeding low-quality dog food to your Goldendoodle won’t just make him a picky eater, but also unhealthy!

To know if your dog’s picky eating habit is caused by low-quality dog food, check the label on his dog food and see what ingredients are used.

You can also check out our that compares dog food across more than 10 popular brands.

Indulging treats

I love giving treats to my dogs whenever they do something great. 

And if you’re a Goldendoodle owner, I’m sure your dog receives a lot of treats for their best behavior too.

But indulging your dog with too many treats throughout the day will make him already full before his proper meal comes.

And by the time you give him his dog food, his stomach won’t have any space for it anymore.

When your Goldendoodle refuses to eat his dog food because he’s already had too many treats, you’ll quickly think that he’s becoming a picky eater.

Abrupt diet changes

Dogs take time to adjust to their diet. And if you’ve recently changed your Goldendoodle’s dog food, he won’t be as excited to eat it.

You’ll have to slowly add the new dog food to his old one for a couple of days before fully transitioning to the new diet.

This way, your dog won’t be confused with the change of his food.

Underlying health issue

If your Goldendoodle has an underlying health issue, he’ll have little to no appetite.

Whatever food you give him, if he isn’t feeling well, will be ignored. He’ll probably eat when he can’t take the hunger anymore.

Most often, gastrointestinal health-related issues are what’s making your Goldendoodle a picky eater.

You’ll easily know if your dog has an underlying health issue if he’s lethargic or acting a little too subdued.

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Why is Your Goldendoodle a Picky Eater? Signs and Symptoms

The thing is, Goldendoodles aren’t picky eaters unless they have a good enough reason to be.

Perhaps you are giving your Goldendoodle too many treats a day, so he doesn’t have any appetite to eat a proper meal anymore.

Or maybe the quality of his dog food is subpar hence he doesn’t like to eat it. 

On a more serious note, does your dog have any medical issues lately?

If yes, then it could be affecting his taste. That’s why he doesn’t want to eat whatever you put in his food bowl.

There are many signs and symptoms you can observe in your Goldendoodle if he’s indeed a picky eater.

For one, being a picky eater Goldendoodle means he’s suddenly refusing to eat his usual dog food. Just a couple of days or weeks ago, your dog was still happily eating his dog food but now he refuses to?

Well, welcome to Goldendoodle picky eater club!

Another sign is eating too little of the serving you’re feeding him.

Picky eater Goldendoodles will usually just nibble on their dog food. There are also times that they’ll only eat specific food, either wet or dry food.

You also have to watch if your dog seems stressed after or before eating.

Goldendoodles who are picky eaters will usually dread their eating schedule, knowing that they’ll be fed with something they don’t want.

Some would even hide when you call them to eat. 

How Often Should You Feed Your Goldendoodle?

How Often Should You Feed Your Goldendoodle

8-12 weeks

At 8 to 12 weeks, you’ll need to feed your Goldendoodle pup at least 3 to 4 times daily.

It’s just weaned off its mother’s milk, hence it will have to receive as much nourishment as it can get.

But even if he needs to be fed a couple of times a day, you’ll still have to be mindful that you don’t overfeed him.

4-5 months

By the time your Goldendoodle reaches 4 to 5 months, he’s already a growing dog. Still pretty young for sure, so you’ll have to feed him 3 times a day.

Goldendoodles typically have more appetite at this stage, but you have to be careful of leaving food out.

If your dog eats too much without following his feeding schedule, he’ll be at risk of bloating.

6-12 months

At 6 to 12 months, you can already lessen the time you feed your Goldendoodle. At this time, you can feed him a full meal twice a day.

In between his meals, he’ll need high-quality treats that’ll serve as snacks.

He’ll still have a big appetite, but it doesn’t mean you can feed your Goldendoodle more than he should get.

It’s already around this age when dogs develop obesity, and it can cause health complications to your Goldendoodle.

12+ months (adult)

12 months and older and your Goldendoodle is already an adult! The same as the previous months, he’ll still have to be fed twice daily.

Since your dog is already an adult, make sure that his food consists of nutrients that can sustain his needs every day. 

What Should I Do if My Goldendoodle is a Picky Eater

The first thing you should do if your Goldendoodle is a picky eater is to make sure he’s in good health.

Bring him in for a check-up to the vet to find out if he has an underlying health issue because this is usually the reason why dogs are being picky with what they eat.

But if everything is fine with your dog’s health, then it’s time to try the trial-and-error method of feeding your dog.

You’ll just need a variety of dog food of different flavors which you’ll feed him.

Sometimes, Goldendoodles become picky eaters because they no longer like the taste of their usual dog food.

With trial and error, you can give your dog a chance to choose what dog food he can eat without a problem.

Not giving your Goldendoodle many treats a day will also help. Because he might not be eating his regular dog food since he’s already full from the treats.

If none of these still work, you can play some tricks on your Goldendoodle.

Dogs are naturally possessive of their food. So pretend to eat your Goldendoodle’s food in front of him.

He’ll eventually think that you’re taking what is his so he’ll instinctively eat the food before you finish it. 

What Are the Best Dog Foods for a Picky Goldendoodle?

Merrick Limited Ingredient Diet Chicken & Brown Rice Wet Dog Food

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Wet dog food for sensitive stomachs
Primary ingredient: real deboned chicken as a single protein source
Excludes peas, potatoes, corn, and soy

If you have a very Picky Goldendoodle at home, you should consider feeding him Merrick Limited Ingredient Diet Chicken & Brown Rice Wet Dog Food.

It’s a wet food that’s free from dairy, preservatives, and coloring making it safe for dogs who have sensitive tummies.

Your dog will be able to taste the natural flavor of deboned chicken in each serving, and what dog could ever resist that?

It’s also a really high-quality dog food, so you have nothing to worry about your pup’s health!


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Ollie doesn’t do one-size-fits-all – they create a meal plan that matches your Goldendoodle’s unique needs, whether it’s their energy level, size, or any allergies. 

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Foods That Are Unsuitable for Goldendoodles

Look, there are many foods that Goldendoodles shouldn’t eat, many of which you might not even know.

Like any other breeds, Goldendoodles are prone to allergies if fed with foods that are toxic to dogs. 

Chocolates, dairy products, and onions are just some of the foods that are unsuitable for your Goldendoodle.

They can be toxic and deadly if given in large amounts, especially chocolate.

Sweet and salty foods can also cause health issues for your Goldendoodle since they can get diabetes and kidney failure.

Fruits like grapes and cherries are also very toxic and unhealthy for your Goldendoodle!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should you change their diet if they get sick?

If your Goldendoodle got sick because of their diet, then you should change it. But if the reason for his sickness isn’t his diet, there’s no reason for you to change what your Goldendoodle is eating unless the vet says so.

Should I use treats to train my Goldendoodle if it’s a picky eater?

It’s best not to use treats to train your Goldendoodle if it’s a picky eater since most picky eater dogs will instead prefer treats to their dog food. Plus, if your Goldendoodle eats too many treats, he won’t be properly trained to stop being a picky eater.

Why does my Goldendoodle not want to eat?

Underlying health issue is usually the reason why your Goldendoodle doesn’t want to eat. Remember that if your dog is losing appetite, a quick visit to the vet will be able to tell you why it’s happening. 

What are some common health issues that might affect a Goldendoodle’s appetite?

Stomach and digestion issues are commonly the health issues that affect a Goldendoodle’s appetite. When Goldendoodles have sensitive tummies and can’t digest food well enough, they’ll experience discomfort that makes food unappetizing for them. 

Should I be concerned if my Goldendoodle’s eating habits change suddenly?

Although Goldendoodle’s eating habits usually change because they just no longer like the dog food they’re eating, there are still times when it’s due to health issues. Hence, you should be concerned if your Goldendoodle’s eating habits change suddenly. Bring your dog to the very right away if he has no appetite too.

Can I feed my Goldendoodle human food or table scraps?

Don’t feed your Goldendoodle human food or table scraps because these foods won’t give your dog the right nutrients they need. These foods will only make them feel full with no proper nourishment. 

Should I be worried if my Goldendoodle is overeating?

You should be worried if your Goldendoodle is overeating as it could be a sign that he’s stressed or suffering from medical issues. Overeating can also cause obesity among dogs, and it’s a condition that can be very harmful to your Goldendoodle.

In Conclusion: Are Goldendoodles Picky Eaters

The truth is that individual tendencies vary, and factors like breed traits and training play an important role in your dog’s eating habits. 

Remember, patience and understanding will go a long way in nurturing a well-balanced Goldendoodle eater!

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