The Scoop on Why Your Dog Keeps Licking Anus After Grooming

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It’s always nice to have a happy, clean pup around. But what do you do when your furry friend seems to have an affinity for licking their anus after a grooming session?

While it does look a bit gross, there are reasons for this to happen, and some might need serious attention from you.

The reasons include regular discomfort or irritation, razor burns, or possibly a problem developing with their anal glands. They are almost always directly related to how the grooming session went, so it’s important that you speak with your groomer if this happens.

In this post, I will go into more detail about each reason and provide you with some solutions to handle this situation.

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Dear Dog Owner

5 Reasons Why Your Dog May Be Licking Anus After Grooming

Reasons Why Your Dog May Be Licking Anus After Grooming

Have you ever encountered seeing your doggy lick his bum after grooming?

It’s a weird sight, I know. But doesn’t it cause you to worry?

Dog parents like us are immediately concerned about the little things our fur babies do for fear of more serious reasons. 

Some of the reasons why our pooches lick their bum after grooming are indeed very concerning, and I wanna share them with you so we both know what they’re really up to!

1. Discomfort or irritation

Your dog’s skin around his anus is thinner than the rest of his body. When shaved a little too roughly, it can cause irritation.

Some grooming products like shampoos or soaps that your dog isn’t used to can also irritate your dog’s skin near his bum.

Dogs are very sensitive when it comes to their skin, and they’ll do everything to alleviate the discomfort they’re feeling.

When your dog is licking his anus after grooming, it’s most likely to ease the discomfort he is feeling from skin irritation.

2. Incomplete grooming

Some dogs don’t like grooming. It’s such a stressful experience for some of them.

This usually causes the grooming to be incomplete.

There are also times when pet groomers aren’t as thorough and it sometimes leads to a poor job being done.

Now, sketchy grooming can leave your dog with residual fecal matter or hair around his bum.

Your dog can feel that and so he’ll lick it until he feels that the remaining dirt or hair is gone.

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3. Anal gland issues

Anal gland issues are very common among doggies. It’s when their anal gland becomes blocked or irritated.

You’ll know when your dog has anal gland issues because you’ll see him scoot his bum across the floor from time to time.

Or maybe you saw your dog’s anus swollen after grooming? That’s a clear sign too.

To ease the uncomfortable feeling brought on by anal gland issues, your dog will also excessively lick his bum.

4. Yeast infection

If your dog is licking their anus excessively after grooming, it might be suffering from an intrusive and uncomfortable yeast infection.

Your dog’s groin and bum are usually the areas that yeast infection targets.

Redness and inflammation usually occur, and to scratch the itch your dog will be licking his bum.

5. Razor burns

Grooming your pooch is such a tedious task. When not careful, razor burns might happen.

Your dog gets razor burns when he’s shaved a little too close to his sensitive skin. And his bum has very sensitive skin.

Razor burns are itchy, irritating, and very uncomfortable for your dog’s feelings. He’ll lick his anus excessively just to get rid of it.

What to Do if Your Dog’s Bum is Affected After Grooming?

Check for any signs of infection

If your dog’s bum is affected after grooming, it’s best to check for any signs of infection.

If he has cuts or other irritations, check if it’s bleeding.

Signs of swelling and foul odor usually mean infections.

What you thought is a simple habit after grooming can actually lead to infection, so always be mindful!

Apply a warm compress

If your dog has a minor injury after grooming like razor burns, applying a warm compress can ease his discomfort.

The warm feeling from the compress reduces inflammation, and it’s ideal for soothing your dog’s sensitive skin.

You can warm a clean towel by dipping it in a bowl of hot water. Make sure it’s not too hot before applying it to your dog’s bum.

Clean the area gently

Clean the area where your dog is constantly licking. But be sure you’re cleaning it as gently as you can.

Use mild soap and warm water, and avoid cleaning it with antiseptic.

Your dog has a very sensitive bum so you need a light hand in cleaning that area to avoid further irritation.

Use a medicated ointment

Minimal irritation caused by razor burns can usually be treated with medical ointment.

However, once you’ve applied a medical ointment to your dog, make sure he won’t lick it.

Licking a medical ointment is not good for your pooch even if it’s an ointment specifically designed for doggies.

Use anti-inflammatory products

When inflammation arises after your dog’s bum is affected by grooming, anti-inflammatory products can ease that.

Some fur parents opt for natural anti-inflammatory products like turmeric, comfrey, and ginger.

You can give this to your doggy in minimal amounts. 

Monitor your dog’s behavior

Monitor your dog’s behavior to check if his bum is not as affected by the grooming as you initially assumed.

It could be that he just likes licking his anus, or it could also be that something serious happened to him.

Monitoring your dog’s behavior will tell you what you should do next to help your doggy out of his discomfort.

Consult a vet

If the situation has gotten more serious and your doggy has not stopped feeling uncomfortable after grooming, it’s time to consult a vet.

Your vet will be able to tell you what your next action should be without causing more damage to your doggy.

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How to Prevent Your Dog From Excessive Licking and Grooming?

Excessive licking and grooming usually happen to your dog because of the boredom he is feeling. 

Give your dog a toy that can keep him busy for a while to distract him from the excessive licking and grooming.

A puzzle game that releases treats is a good toy to keep your dog’s mind busy. 

If you have an energetic dog, a ball dispenser that dispenses treats from time to time is a perfect toy for him to chase here and there.

Taking your dog out for a longer walk can also freshen up his mind.

This will reduce the stress he might be feeling that causes this excessive licking and grooming.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my dog keep scooting after grooming?

Your dog keeps scooting after grooming to scratch his bum on the floor. He does that to relieve himself from itchiness, razory burns, or pain that was caused by improper grooming.

How to relieve itching in dogs after grooming?

Take your dog back to its groomer and let them administer a medicated bath with the use of anti-itch products. This is a common thing to do to relieve itching after grooming.

How long does a clipper burn last?

If the clipper burn is minimal, it will last for a few days. But if it’s severe, a week is needed to fully heal it.

How can I soothe my dog’s irritated anus?

The best thing you can soothe your dog’s irritated anus is to apply a warm compress to his bum. This should relieve any discomfort at least for the time being.

In Conclusion: Dog Keeps Licking Anus After Grooming

If you notice your dog persistently licking its anus after grooming, it’s not necessarily a cause for concern yet, but it could be a sign of various underlying issues that require your attention.

You MUST observe your dog’s behavior and go to a vet if you notice any unusual signs or symptoms.

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