Dog Crates Next to Each Other? Yay or Nay?

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My dogs, Molly and Bella, are the light of my life and I do everything I can to make them comfortable and happy.

When I first had them, I found myself thinking if I should put their crates next to each other or if they should have their own separate spaces.

What were the benefits and potential drawbacks of each option?

You can place the crates of two dogs next to each other as it brings about several benefits such as socialization and easier supervision. While you do so, you should also pay attention to each dog’s behavior and assess the situation for any potential issues.

In this post, I want to share my experience of doing this and what you should look out for if you find yourself in the same shoes.

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Benefits of Placing Dog Crates Next to Each Other

Benefits of Placing Dog Crates Next to Each Other

Some dog parents might shake their heads when they get to see other people’s doggies in a crate.

They feel like the crate is a jail, and cute dogs are prisoners. 

But crates are actually great for multi-dog households if you’ve got enough knowledge about crate training.

Here are the reasons why I believe so:


Placing dog crates next to each other positively affects dog socialization. They’ve got an easier way of sniffing each other’s scent ’til they familiarize one another.

This arrangement helps dogs with canine anxiety as the scent of their doggy friend indicates that they have someone familiar nearby.

And since dogs get to have a better view of each other, they can become more curious about what it would feel like to play with each other.

When they are out of the cage, they’ll most likely socialize positively.

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Comfort and security

Canine anxiety is real. That’s why some dogs, depending on their breed and way of training, prefer being in a pack. 

Hence, when their dog crates are placed next to each, they feel more comfortable and secure.

Plus, the close proximity between your doggies can help with building their trust in each other

How, you might ask.

Being in a crate next to each kinda makes your doggies tolerate each other’s presence, and so they’ll learn that they are not threats to one another’s safety.


Being placed in dog crates next to each other is one of the best tricks in training dogs since it encourages positive dog behavior. 

If the other doggy is quiet and behaves, the other one can see it and will most likely do the same especially if he can see that the former gets to have treats.

It helps in training doggies to exhibit positive dog behaviors.

Less barking and whining

I gotta be blunt and tell you that most dogs are such big babies. They howl and cry when they don’t get enough attention.

They bark and whine when being separated from other people or doggies.

If you’re looking for a solution to that, placing dog crates next to each other will definitely lessen separation anxiety.

Seeing and smelling another dog close to him will assure him that he isn’t alone, and not left behind.

Easy supervision

If you belong to one of those multi-dog households, I’m sure you’ve got some frustrations in supervising your fur babies.

If you consider placing dog crates next to each other, you’ll notice how easier it would be to supervise your dogs.

You no longer have to move here and there just to check on your doggies since they’ll be sitting in the same area of the house. 

It’ll be more convenient when feeding, monitoring, or socializing with them.

Save space

Dogs take space. The same goes whether you have Pomeranians or Mastiffs.

They need an area where they can play, eat, or sleep. Having two or more dogs will surely crowd your home.

That’s why placing dog crates next to each other gives you the chance of saving space as you are able to keep it compact and have an efficient layout.

It’s also great for easy cleaning and maintenance!

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Risks of Placing Dog Crates Next to Each Other

Take note the owner’s reaction here is really bad too

Sometimes, placing dog crates next to each other has its risks especially if dogs are left completely unattended.

Here are some of the things you gotta lookout for:

Fighting and Aggression

As much as dogs like being in a pack, they can still be territorial. 

When another dog is near him, his aggression of keeping his space to himself might arise.

Your dog sees his crate as his territory, and when another of your dogs is near him, he might see it as a threat.

Fighting will surely arise from their aggression toward each other especially if they aren’t socialized properly.

Training your dogs to be more social will surely avoid this kind of risk.

Resource Guarding

If your dog hasn’t been properly trained to socialize with other doggies, he’ll be possessive of his toys, food, and other things when he senses the presence of another dog nearby.

Your dog will anxiously guard the things he marks as his own, and when threatened, he’ll become aggressive.

To avoid this, give each dog its own resources so that it won’t need to bother about another’s possession.

Medical (illness, diseases)

Communicable diseases like kennel cough and parvovirus are threats to your dogs’ health when you place their crates next to each other.

Fleas and ticks will also pose danger to your doggies.

You have to keep their crates clean to avoid any of these risks.

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Interference With Housebreaking

Placing dog crates next to each other might affect potty training or housebreaking. 

For example, if one of your dogs had an accident in his crate and your other dog who is already housebroken saw it, it might lead him to regress in its potty training.

Read about older dog regressing with new puppy.

Factors to Consider When Deciding Whether to Put Dog Crates Next to Each Other

Factors to Consider When Deciding Whether to Put Dog Crates Next to Each Other

Age of the Dogs

Puppies are easier to place next to each other in their crates since they’ll be more playful and easily adaptable.

However, full-grown dogs might have a hard time adjusting to such closeness to another dog while they are enclosed in limited space.

Senior dogs also need more individual attention to make sure their needs are monitored closely. And placing them next to another dog’s crate will divide your attention.

You need the tread a fine line here.

Temperament of the Dogs

Some dogs are very territorial and get aggressive when placed near another dog.

Other doggies like it when they are in a pack so they’ll adjust easily to another dog’s presence.

As a fur-parent, you gotta assess first your dog’s temperament before deciding whether you should put their dog crates next to each other.

Training Goals

If you’re aiming to train your dogs to be more socialized and friendly, being in crates next to one another will help you with your goal.

But if your dogs are aggressive and territorial, and you want to train them to be calmer, such an arrangement will cause stress and more negative behavior from your dogs.

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Alternatives to Placing Dog Crates Next to Each Other

Separating crates in different rooms

Separating crates in different rooms is one of your options when placing dog crates next to each other does not work.

Your dogs will feel that they’ve got their own space and will lower their defense. You’ll probably see them calmer too.

This is also an option if one of your dogs has an illness you don’t want the other dogs to contract. 

Using baby gates

Baby gates let you separate your doggies without having to completely cut them off from one another.

Your dogs can still see each other from time to time without having to violate each other’s space.

It’s such a helpful way of keeping your doggies away from fights or conflicts while still allowing them to socialize.

Baby gates are fairly cheaper than buying multiple dog crates too!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can dogs be crated next to each other?

Dogs can be crated next to each other so long as you keep your eyes on them from time to time. Crating them next to each other provides benefits such as comfort, a sense of security, and a boost in social skills.

Should I crate my dogs in the same room?

As long as your dogs are crated separately, you can crate them in the same room. This will let them keep each other company from their individual crates especially when no one else is at home.

Is it okay to put two dogs in the same crate?

Unless you are talking about puppies, placing two dogs in the same crate is never a good idea. If you’re away and the two dogs start fighting, none of them can retreat to safety since they are caged in one place.

Should I separate my dogs’ crates if they fight?

Yes, you should separate your dogs’ crates if they fight as it lessens the stress on both dogs. You can bring them near each other again when they are calmer to promote positive socialization between them.

Is it better to have separate crates for each dog?

It is better to have separate crates for each dog to lessen the chances of getting into aggressive fights. It also promotes cleanliness and reduces the chances of spreading fleas or diseases.

In Conclusion: Can Dogs’ Crates Be Next to Each Other?

It’s natural that you want to create a comfortable and safe space for your furry friends, and I hope that after exploring the pros and cons of putting your dogs’ crates next to each other, you now have the information you need to make an informed decision that’s right for you and your dogs.

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You’ve made it to the end, but I hope it’s not the end of our journey. We want to hear your voice! Share your thoughts, problems, suggestions, or anything related to your dog in the comments section. And don’t forget to join our newsletter today too.

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