10 Best Low Maintenance Dog Breeds

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We all have our own version of “holy crap, I’m swamped!” For some, it’s working crazy overtime hours at the office. For others, it’s wrangling four (or more!) little munchkins all day long.

Maybe you’re a freelance warrior constantly juggling gigs. Or the weekend warrior who volunteers every chance they get.

Whatever your particular brand of busy, adding a furry friend to the mix is bound to make your plate even more overloaded. Though to be fair, research from some pretty smart people shows having a doggo around can actually help take the edge off your stress levels. So there’s that!

But I digress. If you’re already running around like a headless chicken most days, you’ll probably want to look for a lower-maintenance pup to add to your crew.

A couch potato content to cuddle during those rare pockets of downtime. So for all you busy bees out there, check out this lineup of relatively low-key pooches that could be a good fit!

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Dear Dog Owner

What To Consider When Choosing A Dog Breed?

Alright, let’s keep this real – before you go getting all starry-eyed over adopting a new furry bestie, you gotta think about the not-so-glamorous basics every dog needs.

Like, when the heck are you gonna fit in those twice-a-day walks for potty breaks and zoomies? And nail trims?

Those need to happen at least monthly unless you want your furniture shredded.

Oh, and regular vet check-ups too – at minimum twice a year. Plus, ya know, actually spending quality time with the pup that doesn’t include you manically scrolling on your phone.

While we’re at it, how close are you to some good dog parks and an affordable but solid vet clinic?

Do you travel a ton for work and need a dog walker or boarder? If you’ve got a partner, are they just as swamped or could they pick up some of the dog duty slack?

I know, I know – I’m hitting you with a million questions here.

But this is just scratching the surface of the real talk you gotta have with yourself.

In my humble opinion, a dog’s grooming and exercise needs are two of the biggest factors that’ll determine whether they’re a manageable buddy or a crazy-high maintenance mutt.

The good news? For every overachiever out there running ragged, there are definitely some breeds better suited to vibe with your level of hectic than others.

Lower-key pups that’ll be content chilling on the couch when you finally get a chance to sit your butt down.

Now, let’s have a look at which doggos will suit you best!

10 Best Low Maintenance Dog Breeds You Will Love!

best low maintenance dog breeds

1. Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are the tiny, feisty pups equivalent to that one friend who’s always down for an adventure. “Oh, we’re going skydiving at 2 a.m.? Bet, I’m so there!”

They’re adaptable little dudes with big independent streaks (so get that training in early). A quick trot around the block for a few minutes is pretty much all the exercise they need.

The best part is that short-haired chihuahuas just need an occasional brush to stay looking fresh.

And even the long-haired fluffballs don’t require tons of groomer visits to keep their manes tamed. Low maintenance all around!

2. Dachshund

Dachshunds are the enthusiastic little weenie dog pups down for whatever hijinks you’ve got planned – whether that’s tossing a frisbee or just couch potato-ing.

A good zoomies session tearing around the house (watch those stairs, though!) or a casual stroll is pretty much all the exercise they need.

If you work remotely or at a dog-friendly office, your hot dog buddy will be more than happy just chillin’ by your side as you crank away.

Lovable, low-key companions made for busy humans!

3. French Bulldog


I think low maintenance is probably one of the top reasons why this is the most popular dog in the USA!

For me, Frenchies are the ultimate cool, calm and collected pups.

Grooming? Just a quick brush here and there is all it takes for their low-maintenance coats. Barking up a storm? Not really their vibe – they’re pretty chill dogs.

As for keeping up with your hectic lifestyle, they’re totally down to go with the flow.

Exercise is the one area where Frenchies are like “Meh, I can take it or leave it.”

Make sure you get them out for some walks to keep their weight in check. But otherwise, these easygoing dudes will fit right into just about any living situation without batting an eye.

4. Basset Hound

If you’re looking for the ultimate couch potato pup, look no further than the basset hound.

These low-key blobs are so laidback and patient, you might forget they’re even there – until you get a whiff of their undying loyalty stink-eye when you get home late.

Basset hounds get along great with other dogs too, so adding one to your multi-pet clan shouldn’t be an issue.

The only semi-high maintenance thing is you’ll probably need to give their coat a solid brush down 3 times a week to keep it looking fresh. Other than that, they’re about as low-effort as it gets!

5. Whippet

Whippets are about as low-effort as dogs come.

These sleek couch potatoes will happily laze around on the bed all day until you get home from work and are ready for a quick walk.

With their short, smooth coats, grooming is basically a non-issue.

And good luck getting them to raise a fuss – whippets tend to be the quiet, strong silent types who don’t feel the need to bark up a storm.

If you’re looking for an ultra-chill companion, whippets deliver in spades.

6. Pomeranian


No surprise this list is full of toy breeds like the ever-popular Pomeranian. These fluffy little munchkins have fans all over the world, and it’s easy to see why.

For one, Poms are just straight-up delightful companions with sunny dispositions. They’re also wicked smart, so you can train them up on commands early that’ll actually stick.

And a few short play sessions around the house are pretty much all they need to get their zoomies out each day.

For a tiny package, Pomeranians sure check off a lot of boxes for busy pet parents!

7. Papillon

Those cute lil’ Papillon pups always look like they’re flashing the biggest, goofiest grins – probably because they’re just supremely happy-go-lucky little dudes!

No matter where their zany adventures take them, whether it’s a big country house, tiny city apartment, scorching desert or frozen tundra, Papillons are down to clown.

And since they’re rocking that sleek single coat with no undercoat situation, grooming is an absolute breeze.

Just another perk of owning one of these cheerful, easy-breezy companions! Who can resist those perma-smiles?

8. Beagle

With those gigantic floppy ears and puppy dog eyes that could melt even the coldest of hearts, beagles are some seriously irresistible little nuggets.

Sure, they can be a bit naughty at times, but you can’t stay mad at those goofy personalities for long – they’ll have you cracking up before you know it.

Despite their mischievous side, beagles make wonderfully loyal companions that are always down for some playtime shenanigans. They’re also an absolute delight around kiddos.

If you can handle a little good-natured troublemaking, these quirky pups will keep you constantly entertained!

9. Maltese

The Maltese is the ultimate velcro lap dog. These little fluffballs will happily cuddle up on your lap all day, or take a casual trot around the house when it’s time to get their steps in.

Another big perk? Their coats are basically shed-free, so you won’t be dealing with tumbleweeds of fur tumbling around.

Fair warning though – Maltese can be a smidge stubborn if you don’t stay on top of training with lots of treats early on. But once you get those commands locked in, it’s smooth sailing with these friendly little companions!

10. Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature schnauzers are the eager-to-please pups that’ll soak up commands like sponges and actually remember them. They make excellent kid and pet-friendly companions too.

The one area these guys might require a bit more effort is grooming. You’ll want to stay on top of brushing their wiry coats regularly to prevent any major matting situations.

But other than that grooming commitment, mini schnauzers are relatively low-key pups ready to join your crew!

In Conclusion: What Are The Best Low Maintenance Dog Breeds?

Okay, let’s be real – even if your schedule is crammed to the max, giving your pup the love and care they deserve is totally doable these days.

There are apps to track their activity when you’re not around, automatic feeders to keep them on a solid eating schedule, dog walking services to guarantee they get their steps in, and so much other cool pet tech out there.

But let’s be honest, nothing beats those snuggly bonding sessions with your furry bestie after a long day of grinding.

If you can’t even squeeze in a little playtime here and there or just some quality couch cuddles, a low-maintenance goldfish might be more your speed until things calm down a bit.

The bottom line is, hectic lifestyle or not, our dogs deserve the best we can give them. With a little creativity and tech on our side, we can absolutely make it work!

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