Are Aussiedoodles Aggressive? [What’s Really Going On?]

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Just like navigating the complexities of a Madison Avenue ad campaign, understanding the temperament of these unique crossbreed pups can be quite the challenge.

Are Aussiedoodles aggressive? 

If you are considering getting one of these lovely canines or are a recent owner of one, you might want to read this post first before pulling the trigger.

It might make the difference between a loving relationship or daily struggles with “love” bites.

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Dear Dog Owner

Are Aussiedoodles Aggressive Dogs?

Are Aussiedoodles Aggressive Dogs

An Aussiedoodle is a mix between an Australian Shepherd and a miniature or standard poodle, and if you aren’t familiar with what this dog breed is, it’s alright because it just recently became a popular designer breed.

They’re super adorable pups with their thick fluffy fur and friendly faces! 

You can see them in colors black, chocolate, black and white, and even red-chocolate!

Aussiedoodles, contrary to their name, were originally bred in the United States. 

But this breed is currently being adopted in different countries because of their intelligence and adorable looks!

All these good qualities yet I’m sure you still have that one important question in your mind. Are Aussiedoodles aggressive?

No, Aussiedoodles aren’t inherently aggressive towards humans or other animals.

In fact, their parents are generally even-tempered doggies, and they’re very smart and take to training quite well.

Hence, Aussiedoodles aren’t aggressive.

But truth be told, dog aggression can’t really be generalized to one breed. 

I mean, there will always be some cases when an Aussiedoodle has a greater tendency to be aggressive. And there will also be a lot of Aussiedoodles who won’t even be able to hurt a fly.

When born, your Aussiedoodle will have an even temper. Perhaps he’ll be more guarded when his territory or his things are threatened, yet it’s still a natural reaction for the dog, right? 

It’s already up to you as a dog owner to maintain that absence of aggression.

So long as your Aussiedoodle gets the proper training and has been socialized well, he’ll grow up to be a good dog. 

What is the Temperament of an Aussiedoodle?

Aussiedoodle came from equally smart, energetic, and sweet parents, so it’s no wonder why their kids would come out to be just as clever and active!

Dog owners who have invested a lot of time and effort to socialize their Aussiedoodles share just how goofy and sweet their dogs turn out to be.

They’ll run around the house like a ball of blazing energy but with so much warmth and affection for their dog owners.

Some Aussiedoodles have moderate energy levels, while others have high moderate energy. When they don’t get to release this energy, they’ll engage in destructive activities to let out all their pent-up energy.

I know that’s something you don’t wanna see, that’s why you’ll have to socialize with your pup regularly and let them be active.

Give your Aussiedoodle all the love and hype he needs, and his temper will stay just as good and loving.

Tips on Training and Socializing Your Aussiedoodle (Prevent Your Dog From Becoming Aggressive)

Early socialization

If you adopted an Aussiedoodle from a shady breeder, chances are the parents of this pup weren’t in their best temperament.

Hence, your Aussiedoodle will be more prone to aggression. But don’t worry!

Your pup isn’t a lost cause. You can still do pretty much a lot for him to turn out great.

You can prevent your Aussiedoodle from becoming aggressive by engaging him in early socialization

Socialization means you have to expose your pup to different places, surroundings, and people, whether old or young.

It’s even better if it includes letting your dog hear different sounds of different volumes.

You have to do this so your pup won’t experience a shock or uncomfortable feeling when being around new things.

A pup who has poor early socialization will usually react negatively to the slightest change that’ll happen to him.

Meeting a new person will be just as difficult, that’s why some would say the dog is aggressive.

You can do socialization on your pup by slowly letting him meet new people, places, and such as early as 3 months old.

If your pup came from a responsible breeder, I’m sure he has already been socialized little by little. When this is the case, you’ll only need to continue the early socialization process.

Positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement

Even dogs get very inspired to do better when you reward them with something they love.

Training a pup is fairly simple if you know exactly what you want him to do and what he wants from you.

If you wanna save your Aussiedoodle from developing aggressive tendencies, I’d say positive reinforcement is the key!

Simply shower him with praise, food, and toys whenever he shows a desired behavior. But of course, you can’t just shove anything at your pup when he’s being good.

Remember that you have to give the reward to your dog right after he did a good thing. 

Don’t wait for seconds or minutes to pass before applying positive reinforcement because he’ll think the treats or praise was just random and not connected to his good behavior.

Be consistent when you’re training your Aussiedoodle using positive reinforcement. Always reward him when he deserves it, and make sure the reward is actually worth it.

I wanna share a trick, too. Praise your pup with an enthusiastic “good dog!” before giving him any treats. A higher pitch voice always helps too!

Basic and clear commands

Your dog may sometimes understand you, but not all the time and every time. Hence, stop giving commands in sentences!

A simple one-word command will already be enough to let your dog know what you want him to do.

Yet you gotta make sure the word is clear and your tone is firm but calm.

For example, you want your Aussiedoodle to sit down in his crate. Don’t say “Hey, doggie. I want you to sit on your crate this instant.”

That will confuse your poor pup!

Instead, catch his attention and then point toward his crate before clearly saying “Sit.”

I guess you’re thinking “But I thought Aussiedoodles are smart so why can’t they understand a sentence?”

Well, goodness! Your pup is dog-smart, not human-smart or in any way a linguist!

The fact that your dog can understand a single command is already a sign that he’s such a wise pup!

Crate training

A reason why your Aussiedoodle may become aggressive is their anxiety or fear.

When your untrained dog feels anxious or scared over something, one of the most instant reactions he may show is to fight.

You can curve that reaction if you engage your pup in crate training.

By doing so, you aren’t just teaching your dog to sleep in his own space but you’re also instilling in him ways to calm himself.

When you give your dog proper crate training, he’ll know when to pull out from a situation he knows he’s not comfortable with.

And instead of reacting aggressively, he’ll simply burrow in his crate until what’s stressing him is gone.

Crate training isn’t easy to perfect. At first, your dog may not like his crate but with consistency and positive reinforcement, nothing is impossible!

Regular exercise

Your Aussiedoodle is an energetic dog. When he doesn’t get the right amount of mental and physical exercise, he’ll become lethargic and bored.

Unfortunately, boredom can cause stress among dogs. The frustration of not being able to play or engage in something stimulating can result in dog aggression.

Thus, regular exercise really helps your dog release the energy inside him. He’ll be busier and more active, and he’ll have no energy left for him to act aggressively.

Provide an exercise that stimulates your dog’s mind and body. Because if the exercise merely tires your dog’s body, his mind will remain active and restless.

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Interactive play

Interactive play doesn’t only exercise your dog’s body but also engages him in socialization.

Playing frisbees with your dog or a game of tug of war with him are already great interactive plays you can do with your pup.

These games are both physically fascinating and mentally stimulating. Your dog will learn how to control his force and he’ll know how to interact calmly without baring his fangs on anyone.

Puppy classes

Some call it puppy classes, others call it puppy school. Nonetheless, you and your pup will know many things from it.

Your pup, who should be around 3 to 17 weeks old, will be taught early socialization. Potty training and basic commands will also be introduced to him.

As for a dog owner like you, you’ll understand how to properly handle puppies until they become adults.

It’s even more beneficial if it’s your first time owning a dog!

Patience and consistency

I know training and socializing a dog isn’t easy. You’ll hit rough patches before you can perfectly train your pup.

There will even be times when the process becomes too frustrating because you think there’s no improvement in your dog.

But trust the process, alright?

Give your dog extra patience. Remember that your dog doesn’t have the same cognition the way you do.

And be consistent with the training. There should be no day-offs when socializing or training your pup because inconsistency will only confuse him!

What Will Cause an Aussiedoodle to Be Aggressive?

What Will Cause an Aussiedoodle to Be Aggressive

Although your Aussiedoodle isn’t naturally aggressive, there will still be triggers that may cause him to react aggressively.

You have to remember the things that trigger your Aussiedoodle’s aggression like:

  • Poor socialization skills
  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Bad experience with the previous dog owner
  • Lack of mental and physical exercise 
  • Underlying health issues 
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How to Deal With an Aggressive Aussiedoodle

Aussiedoodles have moderate to high levels of energy. When they don’t get to burn off their energy regularly, they can grow bored and restless.

When one becomes bored, it will be stressed to the point that he can become aggressive.

Hence, the simplest and oldest trick in the book for dealing with an aggressive Aussiedoodle is to provide him with enough physical and mental exercise.

Engage him with exercises that stimulate his mind and body. Keep him occupied with activities like fetch and puzzles.

If this trick doesn’t work, take note that there are many pet behaviorists out there who can help your dog’s aggression. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there aggressive Aussiedoodles?

There are aggressive Aussiedoodles, but they weren’t born that way. They probably didn’t receive proper training and socialization, which triggered them to be more prone to aggression than other Aussiedoodles.

How much exercise does an Aussiedoodle need?

An Aussiedoodle should engage in an exercise regularly for an hour. You may split the exercise into two sessions; 30 minutes in the morning and another 30 minutes before dusk.

Do Aussiedoodles like to cuddle?

Aussiedoodles, however big they get, are considered great lap dogs which means that they love settling in your lap or being in bed to cuddle with you.

Are Aussiedoodles good family dogs?

Aussiedoodles are good family dogs. They’re affectionate to their dog owners and are great with children.

In Conclusion: Are Aussiedoodles Aggressive

While Aussiedoodles can display various temperaments, labeling them as universally aggressive is an oversimplification in my opinion.

Individual upbringing, training, and socialization play pivotal roles in shaping their behavior, and if you follow the tips I’ve shared earlier, I’m pretty sure you’re gonna see success!

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