Is It Rude to Bring Your Dog to Someone House? [Right Etiquette]

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You love your dog and want to bring him or her everywhere you go, but what about when you’re visiting someone’s house? Is it rude to bring your dog to someone’s house?

Yes, it is rude to bring your dog to someone house if you do not ask beforehand. Even with permission, you should ensure that your dog is well-behaved and trained, especially around other dogs and children. It should always be on his leash and not allowed to roam freely through the house or yard and close enough for you to keep tabs on him at all times!

Although it is tempting to want to share the love of your dog, there are some etiquettes you should be aware of before you cause discomfort to others.

Let’s find out more.

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Bringing Your Dog to Someone Elses House Without Being Rude

Bringing Your Dog to Someone Else’s House Without Being Rude

Don’t assume anything

If you’re going to be visiting a friend or family member who has pets, it’s best to talk about it beforehand.

You don’t want to offend someone or cause unnecessary tension in a relationship by assuming that they will be fine with having your dog around.

And you don’t want them to feel like they can’t say no because they’ll offend you in turn!

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Ask ahead of time

Even if your friend or family member says they are fine with having your dog around, it’s always a good idea to ask ahead of time.

Not only that, you should ask them if there are any particular house rules that need to be followed.

In fact, some apartments do not allow its tenants to have pets around, so be sure to check that out.

Ask them about spots that you need to avoid, and definitely be more cautious than you should be.

I would also advise you to bring along your own supplies such as wipes, poop bags, snacks, and water so that there is no need to trouble the host.

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Preparing your dog

If you are going to bring your dog to someone else’s place, be sure to groom it before doing so.

Nobody likes a smelly dog, especially if it’s coming into my house and possibly lying on my furniture.

Take some time to shower your dog first and trim its nails.

You would know if it is shedding season, and if it is, be sure to warn your host ahead of time.

If you are rejected, be understanding and go back when the season if over.

Suffice to say, be sure not to bring your dog if it has a flea or tick issue.

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Understanding your dog

Do you have a sociable dog? You should definitely know the answer, and if you don’t (brand new owners in particular), then you should not bring them to another person’s house.

Dogs can turn aggressive in the presence of strangers and reactive dogs will not play well with other dogs.

Not only that, you want to be 100% sure that you can handle your dog and not allow any accidental bites.

I can’t tell you how many times I have seen owners who are so tiny and being dragged around by their big dogs!

Certainly not welcome in my place!

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Potty before going in

Before heading in to your host’s place, make sure your dog has had a chance to do its business by walking her up and down the sidewalk or in the front yard.

Keep her on a leash inside your friend’s house and take her outside numerous times.

Alternatively, if she doesn’t, don’t let her run free or be left alone in the house until you are assured she won’t have an accident.

Send them a gift

I recommend that you send your host a small gift too when you visit, especially if this is the first time and if they are newer friends.

This shows your graciousness and gratefulness in accommodating you and your dog and will definitely go a way long in building this relationship.

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What Are Some Dog Etiquettes You Should Know?

Here is some basic dog etiquette you should be aware of:

1. Never let your dog eat from the table and no feeding of scraps. I would also suggest that you keep your dog leashed away from the area during meals.

2. Monitor interactions with other animals. If you see a dog or cat that appears threatening to your dog, get between them and call off your dog before it escalates into a fight.

3. Do not allow your dog to jump on people and lick their faces, especially little children and the elderly. This is considered rude behavior by most people and can be dangerous if they have allergies or if they are afraid of dogs.

4. If you bring your dog with you when you go out for a walk, make sure you pick up after them when they go potty on the street or sidewalk.

5. Always carry a leash for your dog. This will help you keep your dog under control and prevent them from getting into accidents. If your dog is not on a leash and you do not have control over it, you may be liable for any damages caused by the dog.

How Do You Tell Someone They Can’t Bring Their Dog to Your House?

What if the tables are turned now? What if you are the host and you receive a request from someone to bring their dog?

If you are agreeable, you will need to communicate all the rules with your guest, but if you don’t, here are some ways you can reject them politely.

1. Be honest about what makes you uncomfortable about having the dog around. If you have allergies, or if the dog barks a lot and you need quiet time, let them know! They might not be able to control their pet’s behavior, but they’ll appreciate knowing what makes it hard for you to relax around their pet.

2. Offer an alternative solution if possible, such as another time they could visit or a different place they could go together (like the park).

This should be obvious but if you do not allow someone to bring a dog to your place, this rule should apply to everyone else too.

I am sure that honesty is the best policy in this situation here.

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Is It Rude to Ask to Bring Your Dog to Someone’s House?

In my opinion, it is not rude to ask if you can bring your dog with you. It’s just plain polite and considerate.

If someone doesn’t want dogs in their home, they will probably tell you or make it very clear through words or actions that your dog isn’t welcome.

If the answer is yes, then be sure to follow all of the host’s rules so that everyone stays happy and safe.

In Conclusion: Is It Rude to Bring Your Dog to Someone’s House Without Asking?

It is very rude to simply show up at someone else’s house with your dog without asking them.

To me, it is disrespectful if you do not care about the people who live at their house.

We all need to have more graciousness around, and it definitely does not hurt to ask beforehand.

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