Dog Poops Twice in a Row [When One Just Isn’t Enough]

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Have you ever been out on a walk with your furry friend and suddenly, they stop to do their business, but then surprise you by going for round two?

It can be a puzzling and even concerning sight for some pet owners, but fear not, my fellow dog enthusiasts – this is a common behavior that many dogs exhibit.

And why is it that your dog poops twice in a row?

It can be due to a number of factors such as its diet being changed recently, it ate too much, or it could be due to a change in its environment. There might be nothing wrong at all as their digestive system does an efficient job, but you should also be aware of the medical reasons causing it too.

In this post, I will cover all the reasons for this to happen and when you should be concerned and take further action.

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Dear Dog Owner

Why Does My Dog Keep Trying to Poop After Pooping?

Why Does My Dog Keep Trying to Poop After Pooping?

Diet changes

Have you recently changed your dog’s diet? If you have, that’s probably why he keeps trying to poop after pooping.

Try to remember whether you abruptly changed your dog’s diet. Such change can cause constipation in your doggy.

When your dog has an upset stomach due to the new food he is eating, he’ll feel the need to constantly poop.

To avoid this issue at home, gradually introduce his new diet to him. Don’t just change his food suddenly.

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Ate too much

Dogs love eating. If you overfeed your doggy, he’ll just take all the food in and won’t usually think of stopping until his bowl is empty.

When your dog eats too much more than he can take, he’ll experience fullness in his little tummy.

The discomfort your dog will be feeling from overeating will lead him into thinking that he should poop again even though he has already pooped.

Any idea why your dog looks at you when it eats?

Medication side effects

Is your dog on some type of medication? 

If you’ve just recently put him on medication, it might be the reason why he is trying to poop twice in a row.

Some dogs even throw up after taking medicine!

Such behavior can be a side effect since some meds may cause gastrointestinal issues.

Incomplete bowel movement

Incomplete bowel movement seems to be the most common reason why your dog tries to poop after already pooping.

He has not yet finished doing his business as he might have been interrupted so he goes for another round of pooping.

It could also be that he experiences anal pain or irritation hence he cannot finish pooping properly.

Anxiety or stress

Sometimes, dogs exhibit the same emotional distress that fur parents usually call canine anxiety or stress.

Anxiety or stress causes a lot of problems with dogs’ behavior. Pooping can also be affected when your doggy is stressed or feeling anxious.

Now you are possibly asking what causes your dog to exhibit canine anxiety.

Ask yourself if your dog has lately been exposed to loud noises that scare him, or if there is a sudden change in his routine. 

If yes, then your doggy is experiencing stress or anxiety that’s causing pooping issues.

Gastrointestinal problems or parasites

I’m always careful of what my dogs eat to avoid digestive issues and tummy worms.

If you’ve accidentally not been cautious, your dog might have gastrointestinal problems or parasites that cause him to poop twice in a row.

Gastrointestinal problems like diarrhea and intestinal blockages occur in your dogs when they eat something they couldn’t digest properly.

While parasites like roundworms, whipworms, and hookworms cause a lot of digestive issues that can lead to your dog’s abnormal bowel movements.

Changes in its environment or routine

Have you moved to a new place a while ago?

If yes, this change leads your dog to poop repeatedly to mark the new environment as his since he isn’t familiar with the place yet.

A change in routine also disrupts your dog’s bowel movement. 

Even a change in walking or feeding schedule might confuse him, and lead him to poop again even though he already did.

Marking its territory

Lastly, there is also a small chance that your dog might be trying to mark its territory.

This is not so common though, and if your dog has been neutered, this is even more unlikely.

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Is It Normal for a Dog to Poop Twice in a Row?

Yes, it’s normal for a dog to poop twice in a row. Sometimes, he was just unable to finish doing his business on the first go.

In fact, there are several occasions when I take my dogs for a walk, they manage to poop twice to three times before we go back home.

There are many reasons behind this, of course. But if your dog is in perfect health, you don’t need to worry when he poops twice in a row.

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How Often Should Dogs Poop?

How often dogs should poop mostly depends on their age since their food intake varies and their digestive system works at different speeds.

  • Adult dogs on a high-fiber diet should be pooping more frequently as often as two to four times per day. These dogs are on a stricter diet due to digestive issues.
  • Adult dogs on a low-fiber diet are more used to eating home-cooked meals that their humans prepare for them so they poop once every day.
  • Senior dogs are becoming less physically active, and their digestive system is working slower than before so they just poop almost every other day.

How often should puppies poop?

  • Up to six weeks old. These puppies are too young and they heavily rely on their momma’s milk so they usually poop almost every after feeding time.
  • Six to 12 weeks old. If you had puppies of this age before, you would notice that they usually poop every three to four hours.
  • Three to six months old. This time around, the puppies lessen their time pooping, which goes three to four times a day.

What to Do If Your Dog Poops Two or More Times in a Row?

What to Do If Your Dog Poops Two or More Times in a Row?

Monitor closely

Usually when your dog poops two or more times a day doesn’t mean anything bad.

However, you have to start monitoring closely if it’s getting more frequent.

This may sound a bit too much but checking your dog’s poop if there are any flecks of blood or a worm will help you assess the situation.

Reassess its diet

Take a closer look at the quality and amount of food you are feeding your dog.

The common reason why your dog poops two or more times in a row is due to the food he is eating.

Perhaps you are giving him too many servings, or the food isn’t compatible with his digestive system.

Change the diet gradually if needed.

Watch for other symptoms

Pooping twice or more in a row can be a sign of a more serious health issue in your doggy so watch for other symptoms.

If the poop is too watery, your dog might have diarrhea and will be prone to dehydration.

When vomiting is also involved, your dog is at risk for a life-threatening health issue.

Reduce stress and changes

Keep your dog company. Play with him, shower him with affection and treats.

These little usual things can reduce the stress your dog might be feeling that’s causing him to have abnormal bowel movements.

If possible, stick to his routines too. Take him out for a walk just like he got used to, and feed him at the exact time and all that.

Reducing changes will avoid disrupting his bowel movement. 

Bring your dog to the vet

If your dog poops two or more times in a row almost every day, it’s no longer a normal occurrence.

You gotta bring him to the vet for accurate medical care since his life might already be in danger.

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When Should I Be Concerned About My Dog’s Poop?

You should be concerned about your dog’s poop when there is already a presence of mucus in his poop as it’s a sign of inflamed or infected digestive organs.

White flecks on your doggy’s poop are also a sign of parasites, while drops of blood in his poop signal internal bleeding.

Always be watchful to save your dog from any danger!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my dog poop twice in the morning?

It’s possible that pooping twice in the morning has become a natural habit of your dog. If his poops all look normal, there’s nothing to worry about. If you take your dog on a walk every morning, such activity stimulates his digestive system too, causing him to poop twice. 

How long after a dog eats does he go poop?

A dog takes six to eight hours to digest his food. Hence, it takes him seven or more hours after eating to go poop. If a dog poops minutes after eating, it’s the food he ate from the meal before the latest one.

Why is my dog suddenly pooping more?

When your dog is suddenly pooping more, it’s usually due to diarrhea caused by overeating or eating food that didn’t sit well in his tummy. 

Should my dog poop every day?

Dogs can go without pooping for 48 hours, but just because they can, doesn’t mean they should. Vets encourage dog owners to let their dogs poop every day.

Is it normal if my dog poops five times a day?

It’s normal for your dog to poop up to five times a day since the average is usually one to five times a day. And it’s even more normal if your dog is a puppy or if he is an adult dog who has a large appetite.

What does healthy dog poop look like?

Healthy dog poop should have a log-like shape with a solid yet kind of soft texture. The color should be chocolate brown too.

In Conclusion: Dog Poops Twice in a Row

As it turns out, there’s nothing to worry about – it’s completely normal behavior for our furry friends.

While it may seem strange or even concerning at first, there are a few explanations for why your dog might do this, and it’s mainly a result of their digestive system working efficiently.

Only if you notice that there is blood or mucus in the waste should you become concerned, otherwise, all good!

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