Dog Obsessed With the Water Hose? [Causes, Symptoms, Solutions]

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Have you ever seen a dog who just can’t get enough of that water hose? I know I have.

But here’s the thing: your dog has no concept of what a hose is for (other than the fact that it spews delicious water), and they don’t realize that it can turn out to be very harmful to them.

If you have a dog obsessed with the water hose, you need to be aware of the dangers and create a safe environment for them to play in.

This article will address all of that.

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Is It Safe to Let My Dog Play With the Garden Hose?

Many dogs love water. My Bella loves splashing around the tub or chasing after the water from the garden hose whenever she can.

But is it safe for dogs to play with it?

The answer is “no.” Experts on the matter say that hose water is harmful to animals. Yet, many owners still allow their pups to drink and play with the garden hose.

Sure, it’s adorable and funny when our dogs run around the garden, chasing the water spraying.

Still, there are factors here that can harm your dog if you’re not careful enough.

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What Are the Dangers of My Dog Playing With a Water Hose?

There are two main factors to consider when letting your dog play with the water hose.

One is the hose itself, and the other is the water coming from it.

Water hoses can contain several types of toxic materials like lead.

There are non-toxic garden hoses, but it still depends on the type of fitting and materials used on the hose.

Installing a ‘safe-for-drinking’ hose is best if you insist on letting your dog play with the water hose.

Speaking of water, another thing to consider here is the water from the hose itself.

Water intoxication is a thing, and it’s a condition where a dog gets ill after drinking massive amounts of water.

I discuss more of that in a later section.

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Why is My Dog Obsessed With the Water Hose?

It’s fun!

Dogs love playing with water, and the water hose is one of many ways to play with it.

Yet, the fun becomes an obsession when your dog stands next to the hose, waiting for you to turn it on.

Some dogs go overboard by refusing to eat and drink while waiting for the hose to turn on.

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How Can I Make My Dog Stop Playing With a Garden Hose?

There are many ways to make your dog stop playing with the water hose, and here are some that you can do at home:

  • When you use your garden hose, give your dog a cue that signals to them that you will turn it on.
  • Give your dog treats to distract them from focusing too much on the water hose.
  • If your dog insists on playing with water, give them a doggy pool to splash around in.
  • Extra playtime! Exhaust them before using the hose. Your pup will be too tired to even go after the water hose.
  • Provide your dog with an adequate amount of water in its water bowl.

How to Stop My Dog From Chewing the Garden Hose?

How to Stop My Dog From Chewing the Garden Hose?

It’s annoying when you’re minding your own business, watering your garden.

Then out of nowhere, your dog comes running in and starts chewing on the hose.

This can be harmful since, depending on the type, a garden hose can contain toxins that can harm your dog.

So how can you prevent your dog from chewing on the garden hose? Here are a few ways that can help you out:

  • One of the ways that you can do this is to keep the hose protected with a simple covering or a metal box. Away and out of reach from your dog.
  • Another simple trick is to coat the hose with something that will turn your dog off. A simple solution made with 1 part vinegar and 1 part water should do the trick (this will last about an hour)
  • Use a firm command such as “stop” and reward it when it follows your instruction (you might need to use your hands to block it at first to make it understand)
  • Take them to another area for a time out
  • Redirect them with a toy or another activity
  • Last but not least, make sure that anyone who gets to play with your dog here knows the rules

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Why Do Dogs Try to Bite Water?

Many dogs have attempted to bite water for the same reason: when playing with other canines or humans.This may involve seeing their reflection in puddles, being sprayed by a hose, or even chasing another pet around at bath time!

To them, it’s fun!

It stimulates them and keeps them refreshed at the same time.

Especially on hot summer days.

But, moderation is key, and you shouldn’t let your dog bite the water too much, or it might lead to water intoxication.

What is Water Intoxication in Dogs?

Letting your dog play with the garden hose too much can lead to water intoxication.

Especially if they’re obsessed with drinking water from it, which can contain toxins.

So what is water intoxication?

Water intoxication, also known as hyponatremia, is when dogs drink a lot of water in a short time. and this causes their electrolyte levels to become disrupted.

When this happens, sodium levels fall, and your dog’s body reacts by producing more fluids.

In extreme cases, there is too much fluid and this can cause swelling, particularly dangerous when it happens in the brain.

Signs and symptoms

The signs and symptoms of water intoxication vary but the most common are:

  • Bloating
  • Lack of coordination
  • Being weak or lethargic
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Change of gum color
  • Dilating of pupils
  • Drooling
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Seizures

Other, more advanced symptoms are difficulty breathing, seizures, and fainting.

If you notice these symptoms with your dog, take them to the vet immediately and have them run a blood work.

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Prevention of water intoxication in dogs

Water intoxication is no joke.

The symptoms can progress to be fatal if you’re not fast enough when heading to the vet.

Prevention is the best way to go about this, so here are ways to protect your dog from water intoxication:

  • Don’t let your dog drink from a high-pressure hose as the strong water pressure will cause them to ingest more water
  • Supervise your dog when playing in and around water
  • Limit their time in the water by giving them breaks between
  • Don’t use sinking diving toys
  • When playing around water, use flat toys, like frisbees, this will allow your dog to close their mouth around the toy.
  • And, of course, regular yearly visits to the vet to make sure your pup is healthy and urinating as usual

Why Does My Dog Bite Water?

Water is a source of fun for our dogs.

Whether it’s from the kitchen faucet, a pool, their water bowl, or the garden hose, dogs find ways to play with water.

Another reason is it’s a way for them to stimulate themselves or keep themselves cool in hot weather.

This is perfectly normal dog behavior.

It is not normal dog behavior when your dog starts becoming obsessed with it.

If you notice your dog waiting by the garden hose and not responding to your calls.

In that case, it’s best to stop this obsessive behavior while you still can.

Why is My Dog Obsessed With Water?

Your dog’s obsession with water could be that they are thirsty.

But it can also mean different things.

Some of these reasons can be harmful to your dog.

Dogs tend to get obsessed with a favorite toy of theirs or a favorite treat. The same goes for your dog’s obsession with water.

Sometimes, dogs will go crazy when you turn the water hose on and want in on all the fun. It’s cute, but if it is chewing on a hose that is not chemical-free, this can lead to a case of poisoning.

You can prevent this by training them away from the hose.

If the condition worsens, consider getting professional help as it might be suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

When this happens, your best option is to seek out a trainer or a vet specializing in animal behaviors.

In Conclusion: Dog Obsessed With The Water Hose

It’s awesome to see your dog having so much fun with the garden hose, chasing the water that is spraying all around.

While doing so, learn to recognize the dangers and when you should call a stop to them.

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